081414: Updates from Healer

Hello Meadow Park Owners! I am just updating a few items here on the blog:

 New Meadow Park Community Blog Business Cards!

Here are some business cards which can be printed out and passed around our Meadow Park community to interested Owners. It is saved as a pdf document and you should have Avery business card stock #8871 to easily print them out.

I see some Owners are clicking on this link now. I hope to see these cards being passed around. You really do not need card stock, but it would be nice for the Owners in Meadow Park to have these cards in their wallets and posted in obvious locations. Our HOA should be run like a reputable business and right now it is not happening that way…With a little more participation from Owners who follow our HOAs’ rules we can have things happen the way we want them to happen… Thanks for helping get the word around…


The cards look like this:

Meadow Park Community Blog business card

Meadow Park Community Blog business card


Update on Governing Documents

I went ahead and added the last two governing documents here on my blog. See all the governing documents listed at:


These two documents are the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws. Now these governing documents are available on the internet in an easy and accessible location. No username or password is ever necessary to view our Meadow Park HOA governing documents on the Meadow Park Community Blog.

Update on Illegal Renting Situations

I wanted everyone to know that Matt Warner from Hello Housing has shared with me that there is work being done on the many and varied illegal renting situations here in Meadow Park right now. On July 21, he emailed me back: “We are currently working on a plan for occupancy/renting compliance enforcement with the City and we plan to address these issues. Stay tuned.”  Thank you Matt Warner! I am sure that there are many of us Owners who will welcome this sorely needed enforcement. If you are a Meadow Park Owner aware of illegal rental situations I encourage you to contact Matt directly at his email: matt@hellohousing.org.

Missing Document

I am still following up with Clark Blasdell to see if he can find our final missing document: the complete General Disclosure Addendum. I only have excerpts from this one as it was removed from the HOA’s website last summer and never replaced. I am hoping that Clark will be able to find it and pass it along to me soon. Once I have it in my hands, I will post it here on the blog. It is unfortunate that our HOA management has chosen to ignore the existence of this document, but of course it really does exist…If any Owner happens to have a copy of this document please let me know and I will be happy to post it here on the blog.. Thanks!

Parking Violations Continue

I have experienced first hand the problem with illegal parking violations and other Owners have expressed their concerns about illegal parking situations here on Captain Nurse Circle to me too. There is a total lack of follow through by the current HOA management. It is as if our parking rules are not there. This is a very serious issue. As of this date, parking violations continue daily unchecked…The HOA management people in charge are allowing illegal parking to go on in direct opposition of our CC&R 3.4…We should at least be issuing parking citations and collecting money as the City of Novato does…Here is a copy of CC&R 3.4:

CC&R 3.4-Parking

CC&R 3.4-Vehicle and Parking Restrictions

I encourage all Owners to track illegal parking situations and make the parking rules clear in your neighborhoods… There is too much ignoring and enabling going on right now. But our CC&R rules are are very easy to read and follow…These rules do not require a lawyer or property management company to interpret for us. We Owners can do this on our own…

That is all I have for now. It is important for Meadow Park Owners to get involved with the rules. Once you have the rules in your hands, you can feel the power behind them. Without knowing the rules, you are just prey to the negativity that has surrounded our community for a very long time…I have included a contact form below. Let me know what is going on in your Meadow Park neighborhood and I will post it here for all to see.

Thanks again Owners!