Cash for Grass and Solar Panels- It’s a No Brainer for Meadow Park Owners….

As the negativity continues to leave our Meadow Park Owner owned and occupied community, our new ideas (or old ones that never got the right attention) will take over and become real. I know that many Owners wanted to know more about solar panels to reduce our utility bills and we have the perfect set up here with all of the carport roofs available for this energy program. We could even make money for ourselves by producing our own energy and then selling it out to other places. Think about that! This is a reality now.

There are a lot of solar energy companies looking for our business. We just have to have the right minded people in charge to get this project going. I would like to see it happen myself. I made several suggestions to PG&E about this a few years ago, but nothing happened there. PG&E is too stuck and old and they are not changing with the times…All I see is PG&E gradually shutting down and closing off all those very dangerous natural gas lines that they created…

Hopefully this solar energy production idea will blossom in our community soon…

I also know that several Owners were wanting to join with North Marin Water District and utilize their Cash for Grass program. Here is a brief description of what it is all about:

“NMWD is offering residential customers cash in return for reducing the amount of lawn area in their landscapes and replacing with California native, low water use plant landscapes. NMWD will pay you up to $50 per 100 square feet of lawn area removed. The cash rebate is limited to $400 for single family dwellings, $100 for townhouses or condominiums, and $50 for apartments.

This is certainly a wise and timely idea. You can see the complete program information at this link:

I hope that this reduction in our water and landscape maintenance bill will become reality soon too. The idea of having beautiful, drought resistant, native garden areas instead of ugly lawns is very appealing to me as I am sure, other Owners. We tire of hearing and smelling the mowers and blowers.  In fact,  that noise and smell is  going on right now outside of my window…Yuk!

There are many ideas that can make our community safer and more comfortable and beautiful to live in. We have the power as Owners to have it like we want it. We just have to take the power back from these expensive contracted agencies who we currently pay to provide these services.

We can do a much better job on our own…