Updates from Healer: Landscape Nightmares Continue, Illegal Renting and Deadbeat Owners Rule the Day, and Parking Violations are OK!

Feels like I am living in a Twilight Zone!

Does anyone remember that hit TV show from the last century? Where things that should be fine go wrong? And can’t be explained? We seem to have an ongoing Twilight Zone right here in Meadow Park. It is because the same group of negatively controlled people keep interacting amongst themselves doing things absolutely wrong. Well, up until now, they could get away with it.  But because I am so stable and secure here for the last six years or so, I can easily break up their little spiritual game and send them all running away from each other….

Whenever I post on my blog, it allows me to purge out their energies even more….And when I heal and purge this energy field away from them,  they all get very uncomfortable around each other. It does not feel good anymore to stick together. And so, this allows change to occur, with the goal being the CC&R rules followed by all Owners equally….

Illegal Renting Update 09/03/14:

Allright Mr. Brown, I am posting your most recent email to me right here. Mr. Brown keeps on explaining the rules of ownership here for Owners. He just sent this email to me so I am posting it on my blog. If you are an Owner and do not like it or disagree you can certainly do something about it… Remember, I am only the messenger here:

Bob Brown

10:56 AM (26 minutes ago)
to me, Mardie, Cathy, Hans

Ms. Angel:


I received a copy of your response to Mardi Oakes.  I want to address what seems to be a misunderstanding.  It is not illegal in Meadow Park or in any home in Novato for owners to have roommates or to rent out rooms, provided that all occupants of the home reside “as a housekeeping unit” which means sharing a common kitchen.  The purchase documents at Meadow Park require that the owner on title reside in the unit, but does not restrict the number or relation of other occupants.


Again, I’m happy to discuss this issue with you further.


Bob Brown

Community Development Director

922 Machin Avenue

Novato, CA  94945


Thanks Bob for explaining this rather unknown and vague rule. I do not know where it came from, but it is not widely known or accepted….Here is the Meadow Park CC&R 3.2 which prohibits renting:

3.2 Owner Occupancy Requirement and Renting. Pursuant to the terms of the Affordable
Housing Covenant, Resale Restrictions and Option to ‘Purchase Agreement (the Resale
Restrictions Agreement), the Non-Transitional Housing Condominiums must be Owner-occupied
and may not be leased, subleased, or otherwise rented. 

So, to me this means that we cannot rent out our rooms. Simple and straight forward. I do not know why all this is so confusing, but I simply state the CC&R rules and follow them. I do not rent out any of my rooms and I never did because I followed to the letter this CC&R 3.2. I am an Owner and I am required to abide by the CC&Rs. Plain and simple…..

I just sent Bob Brown a quick email at 12:50 PM, 09-03-14:

“And I wanted you to see what I posted on my blog. Remember Bob, we are governed by CC&Rs in Meadow Park which differ from Novato municipal code. CC&Rs are many times more restrictive and all that matters in a court of law….www.meadowparkcommunityblog.com

Update 09-02-14:

And now the right people know the grim details because today, 09-02-14, I emailed the City of Novato…I received a quick response from Mr. Bob Brown, our Community Development Director and I appreciate his promptness in getting back to me.  I included the complete email from him below….I declined any face to face meeting with him. However, it appears he is totally available to do this with any Owners that want to discuss how the City is involved right now with our Owner occupied requirements and the enforcement procedures currently going on….Thank you again Mr. Brown for clearing up what was certainly another Meadow Park mystery….

Meadow Park Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan is Being Put Into Action!!!

The problem with our landscape maintenance management has been an ongoing issue here in Meadow Park. Since I finally was able to have in my hands the actual Meadow Park Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan (thanks to Clark Blasdell of North Bay Family Homes), which was prepared by the landscape architect company Nuvis and signed off by the Novato Fire Marshal in February 2001, things have changed quite a bit in my favor. I have the proof to go forward and I did. I posted this entire document here on my blog for Owners and really anyone to access and print out anytime they wanted to. The only thing I cannot put on this website is a very large map of our area that was included in the Plan.

I made a formal complaint last week to our Novato Fire Protection District AGAINST the Meadow Park HOA. My complaint was this: The Meadow Park HOA Management is not following and/or acknowledging our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan. You can read more about it at this link:


I received a timely response from Bill Tyler, our current Novato Fire Marshal who has assigned this complaint to an inspector and is actively working on it. I can tell because I have already had several views of the Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan here on my blog.

UPDATE 08-28-14:

I requested and received an update from Fire Marshal Bill Tyler. The investigation is moving along smoothly, thank goodness! I will post again soon about the results of their investigation.

FYI: You cannot find this document on the Meadow Park HOA’s website. It is not there and the HOA will act as if it does not exist. They will not provide the Owners with a copy or put it on their website.  They have continued to deceive the Owners about our responsibilities regarding this very important document. I tried multiple times to get this from them and it never happened. We are currently governed by a very corrupt and evil group of people. Perhaps this is the only way to get rid of them…

You can find the real document here only:


 A brief  little history :

In May, 2014,  I made a complaint to the Meadow Park HOA Board of Directors  about high fire hazard vegetation growing in my neighborhood, Captain Nurse Circle. I sent them emails and mailed a letter. I received no response. The Meadow Park HOA Management ignored my complaint…The type of vegetation I complained to them about is prohibited according to our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan. I sent them pictures too. And nothing happened! This is complete ignorance and irresponsibility on the part of our governing Board of Directors.

Here are some real examples of what I mean about high fire hazard vegetation growing right now in my neighborhood. All of these trees are non-native to California….

Dry palm fronds, corner of Captain Nurse Circle and Bolling Drive, Novato, CA

Dry palm fronds, corner of Captain Nurse Circle and Bolling Drive, Novato, CA

Dry fronds on Captain Nurse Circle palm trees

Dry fronds on Captain Nurse Circle palm trees, what a messy looking entrance to our neighborhood and a very high fire hazard right now…

highfirehazardtrees082914 003

Eucalyptus trees located in the center of Captain Nurse Circle. This tree is prohibited according to our rules and should have been removed years ago…

highfirehazardtrees082914 004

Dry bark from Eucalyptus trees- very high fire hazard risk..

highfirehazardtrees082914 005

Dead branches on White Bottle Brush tree, another high fire hazard,  non native tree planted here so close to the home and is found everywhere in our community…

Australian paper bark tree- very dry and lots of peeling bark. These trees are located through out our neighborhood.. It is a very invasive non native species.

Australian paper bark tree- very dry and lots of peeling bark. These trees are located throughout our neighborhood… It is a very invasive, non native, and high fire hazard  species.


And so, I await the results of what our Novato Fire Protection District will discover. I hope that this investigation and its results will make our Meadow Park environment safer and not at a high fire hazard risk anymore…I hope all Owners will take responsibility as I have to ensure that their immediate landscaped areas are in compliance with our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan. After all, Owners are required to do this…It is not an option.

 Illegal Renting Continues!

Help! Why isn’t the Board stopping all those Owners from renting out their rooms? Could the Board also be participating in this mess? I mean, if this is truly “Affordable Housing”, why would you need extra income from an illegal renting situation? Good question, but it is rampant here in Meadow Park. In fact, there was a recent fatality listed in the newspaper on March Field Court and they interviewed the “roommates” about what happened. Sad but true…

I have been in communication with Matt Warner at Hello Housing about this illegal renting issue a few times. I am assuming that he is trying to do something here. I have heard nothing further from him since July 21. I know this is a super big problem and very embarrassing too, but too bad. The rules stand here. We do not allow people to do whatever they please. They cannot have these illegal rental situations here in Meadow Park. It is that simple……If they cannot live here without renting out their place, they do not belong here and need to move away from Meadow Park.

Update on illegal renting 08-28-14:

Apparently, Matt just got married and is out of town until September 12. Congratulations Matt! I found this out when I made a phone call to Hello Housing today. I spoke to George and gave her an earful about our concerns with all these illegal renting situations here in Meadow Park. She took my name and phone number and said someone will be calling me back.

If you are really upset about this issue, the best thing to do right now is to contact Hello Housing and complain!! Their phone number is: 415-863-3036. A direct call from you will really make it clear to these people at Hello Housing that this problem is a big nasty mess and the good Owners of Meadow Park have had enough of it…

Update on illegal renting 09-02-14:

I forwarded emails to Mardie Oakes, Executive Director of Hello Housing and just now to the City of Novato officials. Obviously, nothing was done yet by Hello Housing or anyone because I witnessed illegal renting activities happening yesterday again on my street, Captain Nurse Circle.  I saw Illegal renters moving in and illegal renters moving out. This problem has never been taken care of the right way.

That is all I can do for now. I have told the people and agencies who are supposed to be dealing with these illegal renting problems and posted it here on my blog. I hope they do something about it….Right now, no one has told me anything, so I am assuming that nothing has been done  at all…. This is not a good feeling.

Here is the City of Novato’s response today, an email from Bob Brown:

Bob Brown <bbrown@novato.org>

1:02 PM (1 hour ago)
to me, Hans, Mardie

Dear Ms. Angel:


Your e-mail regarding enforcement efforts of owner occupancy at Meadow Park was forwarded to me for response.  The Community Development Department is responsible for administration of the City’s affordable housing programs.  The City of Novato and Hello Housing, our program managers, have been actively pursuing the issue of non-occupancy of Meadow Park property owners for the past year.  We have sent three letters to date requesting documentation from owners to verify their primary address.  Under the program requirements the owner on title must reside in the dwelling unit.  This is not to say that owners are unable to share occupancy of their units with others, including room rentals, but the owner must maintain their residency in the unit.  Over 90% of property owners have responded and provided the required documentation.


We are about to send a fourth and final letter to the remaining property owners who have not previously responded.  We have briefed City Council members on this issue and our intended enforcement efforts, which may entail initiation of legal action to either verify occupancy or to ask the court to find the owner(s) in violation of their deed requirements.  Legal action, if initiated, will not be a rapid process.


In response to other issues contained in your e-mail, the City cannot take action on behalf of the HOA to collect unpaid dues.  And, a City representative, Hans Grunt, attends all Meadow Park HOA meetings as a Board member.  We do not require staff from Hello Housing to attend these meetings as well except as needed.


I would be happy to meet with you in person to discuss these issues in greater detail.




Bob Brown

Community Development Director

922 Machin Avenue

Novato, CA  94945



Deadbeat Owners are Enabled to NOT PAY Their Association Fees!

This is very bad for the legitimate Owners who are always paying the bills and carrying the load. The HOA is not doing enough to deal with this huge Deadbeat Owner debt owed to us: $107,280.96 (according to the May 2014 Board Meeting minutes). And the reason for this mess is the very poor customer service we receive from the property management company and attorney currently contracted with our HOA. It is their fault. This problem can be easily fixed with a total change in management and attorney services. Right now we are managed by a scam like set up and we are being taken for a big ride……Get real people and let’s get rid of this negatively controlled group of management and attorney personnel that should not be here…

 Parking Violations are OK per Meadow Park Board

The Board is allowing illegal parking to continue against our CC&R 3.4 rule. The board is trying to be above the rules but they are not above the rules. The CC&Rs can only be changed by a vote of the Owners. And that is the truth. It is disgusting to see how this Board is operating today. They are the worst bunch of Owners imaginable. I hope that the City of Novato takes control of some of this mess… It is a very bad time for Meadow Park with this group in control….Look at the mess they created…shameful!

Unless more legitimate and responsible Owners get in control, the Meadow Park HOA Board will continue to do further damage to our community.

I do not want to see this happen. I want our community to become and remain a very desirable place to live. And that is why I am still posting on my blog.  A  community that follows the CC&Rs is a very desirable community to live in.  And this allows our property values to increase too…I hope that there are other Owners like me who feel the same way. Our time is coming….