A Recap on Some “Burning” Issues

It Looks Like A New Start in Meadow Park!

I just wanted to make a post today and let others know that things are being worked on. But it takes some time. I am not really concerned because I know that change is happening and PATIENCE is important. The good news is that the recent paving project on my street has given our community a new look, much like it was when we first moved in here 9+ years ago. That tells me that maybe we are really starting over again as a community and will be doing things right this time. It just means following the CC&R rules equally among the Owners.

Update 09-11-14: I am happy to see that the board agenda for Tuesday’s meeting is finally addressing some very important fire safety issues that I have been bringing to the forefront here on my blog. Here is a link to the Meadow Park Board meeting agenda for Tuesday’s meeting: MPagenda091614

There is to be new discussion about fire sprinkler alarm testing and fire extinguisher testing. I hope that this goes through without any problems. The HOA needs to acknowledge their neglect in this area and take the appropriate measures to rectify it. I am sure the Fire Marshal will be happy to see these things are being addressed on the current agenda…I will be sending the Board an email to suggest they contact the company that  I already spoke with: A Total Fire Protection, who gave me a very reasonable estimate of $125.00 per fire sprinkler test.

Complaint Against the HOA

I was able to find all of the HOA’s governing documents and post them here on my blog. I am happy that I was able to do this successfully. I am happy that I was able to make a valid complaint that our HOA has not been following our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan. I did this recently with the Novato Fire Protection District.

It seems though that there is only Phase One of this Plan available that was completed and that map included only two neighborhoods: Captain Nurse Circle and March Field Court.  There does not seem to be any other maps available of the other Meadow Park neighborhoods. I wonder why only Phase One? Were there other phases that were supposed to be done? Where are the maps of the other neighborhoods?

UPDATE: Today, 09-11-14, I made a  phone call to Nuvis, the landscape architect company that was contracted to create our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan. I am asking them specifically if there were any additional phases ever completed. I just want to know what happened. There should have been subsequent maps created for the entire Meadow Park community. Hmmm….

The Fire Marshal was concerned when I told him what map I had. He apparently has the same one (Phase 1)… It does not seem that the other phases/maps were ever done for the Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan. This is a little strange. But I hope that the Fire Marshal will just do a complete investigation of all the Meadow Park neighborhoods. I am hoping that this is what is happening. I have not heard any more about it. And the dangerous high fire hazard vegetation persists on Captain Nurse Circle.  I am sure there is prohibited vegetation like this on the other Meadow Park streets too….

Illegal Renters

The illegal renting problem continues unchecked and I hope the agencies involved begin to acknowledge our CC&Rs which prohibit renting of any kind, including when an Owner becomes a landlord and rents out rooms in their homes while still living there. This is happening all over the community unfortunately….

It seems the city personnel have put Meadow Park in the same category as the City of Novato. But our CC&R rules are not the same. They are more prohibitive that Novato’s municipal code. I pointed this out to Bob Brown in a recent email session….

Prohibited Parking Violations

The prohibited parking violations are also a continuing problem. This is a really sad situation when the HOA management allows illegal parking in direct opposition of our CC&Rs. I know that in the future this will not be an issue, but right now, it still is…..A very negative group of people still run our HOA. That is why things have not been dealt with properly. It is a corruption that will eventually fade out. But right now these people are still in their positions of power. I do not see them lasting there for very much longer though. They are having to deal with significant and real issues as a result of their mismanagement and negative behaviors…

Some Owners right now are doing whatever they want, including not paying their HOA assessments and getting away with it! They are getting the benefits of our HOA community projects and not paying for it.These dead-beaters will be dealt with soon.