*Update Regarding my Fire Hazard Complaint*

I just received a status update from Fire Marshal Bill Tyler. Here is his email:

On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 12:02 PM, Bill Tyler <btyler@novatofire.org> wrote:

Hi Julia:


I have another update for you on the vegetation management plan (VMP) conformance. NFD representatives met with the park management and their landscape maintenance company last week and reviewed in detail the requirements of the approved VMP. The landscape maintenance company is in the process of going lot by lot and identifying any fire prone plants and will be removing them. We will also review any non-conforming tree to see if there is an opportunity to allow it to remain if the hazard can be mitigated or if it is far enough away from a building so that it does not pose a threat to a structure.


Then our fire  inspector will do a final conformance inspection. I anticipate that all this will be completed within the next 10 working days. I was assured that the dead palm fronds will be removed immediately.




B/C Bill Tyler, Fire Marshal

Novato Fire District



Wonderful and exciting news for Owners living on Captain Nurse Circle and March Field Court. Those are the only two neighborhoods included in the Phase One Plan.  And that is apparently the only phase that exists right now….