My Email 09-11-14 to the Meadow Park Board of Directors

Yesterday, I emailed the Directors of our HOA because there is finally an agenda item for fire sprinkler testing on next weeks Board meeting agenda. This is my email:

from: Julia Angel <>

to: “” <>,,Virginia Patterson <>,
Bill Tyler <>

date: Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 11:53 AM

subject: Fire Sprinkler Testing Discussion on the agenda


To the Meadow Park HOA Board:
I am happy to see this item on the meeting agenda for next week. I am hoping that it is discussed thoroughly. I am not able to attend this meeting but I wanted to send you information from a company that I spoke with already who would be able to do this testing for us community wide at a cost of $125.00 per test. This would be a five year certification of all the fire sprinkler systems in the Meadow Park Owner occupied community.
I know this is a very reasonable charge. As this testing is long over due, I hope that you go ahead and get in touch with this very reputable company and set up our testing schedule soon. This company has been waiting for a few months to schedule this testing. I am sure the Fire Marshal will be happy to see this being done in a very timely manner. I have the letters from them with the bid information. I would be happy to forward this information directly to you ASAP. Just let me know and it will be mailed to your office…
Thank You.

Julia Angel, Universal Healer

Owner, 44 Captain Nurse Circle
Second Notice letter from A-Total Fire Protection Company, Inc.

Second Notice letter from A-Total Fire Protection Company, Inc.

Today, I still have not received an acknowledgement email from them. I am just stating this here out in the open because I do not want my recommendations to be ignored.I do not want them (the HOA management) to make any shady deals with  businesses that do not take this testing process seriously. They have many contracts with poorly rated companies right now who are not qualified to do this type of specialized testing. I already checked it out personally….

For example, the company that does our yearly fire extinguisher testing is not qualified to test our fire sprinkler systems, because I personally called and asked them about it. They referred me to another company who could “do this testing” but that company did not have a website and was very hard to reach….NOT GOOD!

I want us to be given excellent customer service by a very well known fire safety inspection company who does this testing all the time….It is not easy to find a fire safety company right now who is reputable and stable. Many of these fire safety companies have simply closed up and moved away…THE COMPANY THAT ORIGINALLY INSTALLED OUR FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEMS HAS MOVED AROUND SO MANY TIMES AND NOW IT APPEARS TO BE OUT OF BUSINESS….

I hope that more Owners will get involved with fire safety issues as I have. I am the only one who seems to be concerned about this right now. I feel that we need a fire safety committee because this community safety issue has been neglected for a very long time. I do not want our community to continue to be at an increased risk for a fire hazard….

If you are attending the board meeting on Tuesday night please voice your concerns and make them listen to us. I am not going there because it is not in my best interests to be around those people right now. But other Owners can certainly get involved.  I am only the Whistle Blower. I cannot do it all people! Make your voices heard loud and clear and they will finally listen!

Thanks again for reading my blog. It is time for more Owners to get actively involved, now that you know what is really going on…