Our Landscape Maintenance Company Cagwin & Dorward Have Ignored the Fire Marshal’s Orders!

UPDATE 09/29/14:

NO RESPONSE from the Fire Marshal or anyone. I have not seen anything further being done here on Captain Nurse Circle. I have not heard anything……Sad but true. The whole thing was a big joke I guess. The Fire Marshal said all of this would be done and none of it got done…None of it at all. That is the truth…Disgusting. 


I just let our Fire Marshal know that what he had ordered to be done as a follow up of my complaint against our HOA’s lack of following our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan was not done.

A lot by lot inspection for high fire hazard vegetation never took place here on Captain Nurse Circle. The landscape maintenance company Cagwin & Dorward was told to do this and they never did it. Also, the dry palm fronds were supposed to be removed immediately and this never happened either……

They basically ignored everything that they were told to do by the Fire Marshal!!!

So, as of now, it is up to our HOA management and the Fire Marshal about what happens next. Perhaps a change in landscape maintenance companies is needed to get this job done right!

I will update here on my blog as necessary.