August 21: A Formal Complaint Was Completely Ignored by the HOA!

I just checked back to the date that I made a formal complaint to the Novato Fire Protection District. I was concerned because our HOA is not following or even acknowledging publicly our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan. This Plan is not available on the HOA’s website. This Plan is not being discussed as an agenda item at any public HOA meetings either! It is unbelievable that they continue to ignore this situation…. They are just making themselves look gross and disgusting!I posted this entire document here on my blog but very few Owners even know about this blog. Here is the link once again to this important document that every Owner needs to have in their possession:

So, very few Owners are aware of this volatile fire safety situation because our HOA is not following through and notifying Owners that my blog exists….They continue to cover up my efforts to promote my blog so that all Owners can access this important governing document. All my efforts to communicate with Owners have been trampled on.. This is totally criminal behavior….This group who runs our HOA is ignoring the existence of important governing documents! They should all be put before a judge in Marin County Superior Court and held accountable for their corrupt handling of this situation!

Although the Fire Marshal intervened quickly and appropriately, the agencies involved did not follow through and provide a complete and thorough lot by lot inspection (using the map provided in the Plan) of the high fire hazard vegetation located on Captain Nurse Circle. Since this inspection was not done right from the beginning, the rest of the complaint process failed miserably….And the Meadow Park HOA management has allowed all of this to happen….

As of now, on October 1, 2014, there has not been any removal of high fire hazard trees on Captain Nurse Circle. They remain untouched. No action!!! Our HOA continues to be in violation of the Meadow Park Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan which was approved and signed off by the Novato Fire Marshal in February 2001. I am publicly calling them out once again for putting our Meadow Park community at a high fire hazard risk during this extremely dry, drought situation. This group should remove themselves ASAP. They are not a good group of people. They misspend our monies and deny us our rights as Owners to have the CC&R rules followed.  They present themselves as do-gooders when in reality they are so stupid and ignorant….They are evil and greedy…. Speak up and get them out of the way….

We need a group of leaders who are good and honest to run our HOA.  It is that simple…