Meadow Park Rules Are Not Being Followed, Still….

I continue to see the the results of the illegal renting situations on Captain Nurse Circle… The three  large white vans transporting people with developmental disabilities back and forth everyday continue to make their presence eerily known. I cannot understand how this happened. How do these people live here? They cannot be Owners. They can only be renters… So, they are here illegally and totally against our rules….Meadow Park Owners are being allowed to rent out their rooms and make a profit from these people. And the HOA management  is allowing this to go on and on..

These illegal renting situations are in violation of the following CC&Rs:

3.1 Residential Use. Each Condominium shall be used for residential purposes only; and
no part of the Development shall be used or caused, allowed or authorized to be used in any way,
directly or Indirectly, for any business, commercial, manufacturing, mercantile, storing, vending or
other nonresidential purpdse.

3.2 Owner Occupancy Requirement and Renting. Pursuant to the terms of the Affordable
Housing Covenant, Resale Restrictions and Option to ‘Purchase Agreement (the Resale
Restrictions Agreemenfl, the Non-Transitional Housing Condominiums must be Owner-occupied
and may not be eased, subleased, or otherwise rented.

It becomes a business for Owners when they rent out their rooms here. We are not allowed to run a business out of our homes here. It is not allowed per our CC&Rs. This is a very corrupted situation… I also still see the teens walking back and forth as they come and go to their up to 8 licensed foster care home. That is outrageous too… And that place is torn apart and shattered. Disgraceful that this was also allowed to go on and on and still is existing here.   What a joke those people are…How can a four bedroom town home become a licensed facility for up to eight?  And the family lives their too with their children That is what happened here, believe it or not…

I continue to see the illegal parking activities  going on too, unabated and allowed. The HOA has given “special” permission to these people to do this activity. There is no reason for this to go on and on. The rules are straight forward here and cannot be changed unless the entire community votes on it and this voting activity never happened.  CC&Rs cannot be changed unless Owners vote! The HOA cannot simply change them on a whim and give certain individuals preferential treatment, especially if an Owner in good standing objects, and I do object loud and clear….But this HOA management ignores the good Owners…

These illegal parking situations are in violation of the following CC&R:

3.4 Vehicle and Parking Restrictions. No mobile home, camper or recreational vehicle,
boat, truck (other than pickup trucks that do not exceed three-quarter ton) or similar equipment
shall be parked or stored at anytime within the Development (including on any public rights-of-way)
except trucks parked on a temporary basis for purposes of loading or unloading.

I continue to see the the dead beat Owners who live here and do not pay their HOA fees and are getting a free ride from the HOA management. These people are also getting special privileges because they are neighbors or friends of the management and do not have to do anything to stay here. They are being enabled to not pay for the upkeep of our community and it shows…Their homes are trashed and filthy. They are the loudmouthed people always trying to get attention somehow…They are not Owners in good standing anymore. They are really just “squatters” and that is the truth!

Here is the specific CC&R which says Owners have to pay assessments”.

6.1 Obligations to Pay Assessments. The Owner of each Condominium is obligated to pay
any assessments levied against that Owners Condominium on or before the due date of the

Things have not changed much. The only good thing that has happened is the complaint that I made to the Fire Marshal recently against the HOA. That complaint is proof that there is not  a good group of people in control of this HOA right now. They are not looking out for the good Owners. They are a negative bunch of people who only care about themselves,  use our money unwisely, and only do things right when they absolutely have to. And until now they still have not followed up on the Fire Marshals’ orders to inspect the high fire hazard vegetation here on Captain Nurse Circle.  More and more people are becoming aware of them and their negative behaviors. Exposure in the public arena is the best way to affect change these days. And I am patiently waiting until these bad people are gone from our HOA…

Owners still are not aware of their responsibilities with following this Plan, although they are supposed to …Here is an excerpt directly from the Vegetation Management And Fuel Modification Plan which states that each Owner must follow these specific landscaping rules after the original landscaping is placed  by the developer (see # 6):

VMFM page 7

VMFM page 7

See the entire Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan at this link:

Sounds pretty grim. But I am not discouraged at all. I feel very good. I am still the lone voice telling the truth.  And people are reading my words. And soon things will change in the right direction. But I am continuing to document the illegal activities as I see it. I will not stop posting about those illegal activities until they stop happening.