Whatever Happened to our Shuttle Service program?

UPDATE 11/01/14:

I found a map which confirms that the Hamilton Shuttle is still very much in operation! It is located at this link on the hamiltonfield.org website:


It only runs Monday through Friday and not on holidays. It is good to know that this service still exists. I am posting it here for the Meadow Park Owners to know about. We are payng for this service through our HOA fees and should be able to have this knowledge readily available. It is a free shuttle service to those of us living and working in the Hamilton community! What a great deal this is….


Does anyone know what happened to the Hamilton Shuttle? According to our CC&Rs, we are supposed to be paying for this service. I have not seen it for quite some time…

2.18 Shuttle Service Program. The Association shall participate in a shuttle service program operated by the Hamilton Field of Marin Association, a California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation (the Hamilton Association) to provide shuttle bus service during the commute hours between the Development and the public transit stops adjacent to the Development along Highway 101. The costs to participate in the program will be included in the Associations budget and collected from the Owners through the monthly assessments levied against the Condominiums.The Board shall have full authority to negotiate,execute and modify any agreement with the Hamilton Association on behalf of the Association and its Members regarding the Association’s participation in the shuttle service’s program unless the consent of the Members is required by