Hey Meadow Park HOA, Why Aren’t you Telling the Meadow Park Owners About This Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan?

I was once told by Taylor Sharp of Wakefield & Sharp that this Plan was not really anything for the Owners to deal with it. Those were his exact words. Well Mr. Sharp, you need to reread this Plan, specifically this Page 7, number 6 below as it specifically states that all Owners are to be held responsible for keeping this Plan in action. Yet, your company and the HOA Board of Directors have decided to ignore this Plan and act like it is not in existence. Instead, you should be sending out copies of this Plan to all of the Meadow Park Owners or at least posting it on your web site and then directing Owners there to read this Plan. But nothing like this is happening…

And you Wakefield Sharp,  have stopped all my efforts to advertise my blog so that Owners could access this document here. I saw that man you hired to remove my flyers from all the mailboxes in the community. You paid that guy to do that…. You are all a joke.  And your landscape committee is hysterical. They are nothing but a bunch of control freaks trying to look like they are doing something good… Jokes….I laugh at you all the time.  And so do many other people around you. Your reputation is not good anymore. And it is because you do not do things honestly….Below are excerpts from this important governing document:

Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan Cover Page

Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan Cover Page 1.  Meadow Park Owners do not have access to this Plan. It is still being hidden from view…


Introduction: Note where it says that this Plan is to be incorporated into the development’s CC&Rs. But Owners do not even know of its existence as an original governing document….There is no place to read it except on my blog…

VMFM page 7

VMFM page 7-This page specifically refers to the Owner’s responsibility to continue managing the landscaping around their property in a fire safe manner. But Owners do not even know about this Plan.. It is being hidden still by the HOA management….

And so, this drags on and on and is still so boring because nothing is changing much.  The Fire Marshal’s orders to do a lot by lot inspection for high fire hazard vegetation on Captain Nurse Circle were completely ignored by the HOA and landscape maintenance company Cagwin & Dorward, and the Meadow Park Owners still have not been made aware of or given copies of this Plan… That is the current status in Meadow Park right now. It stinks big time of dead beaters and criminals doing things wrong and getting away it…And it is happening right now in dear old Marin County, CA.. Believe it or not!