Why are These High Fire Hazard Trees All Lined Up In A ROW?

hirefirehazardtreeslinedupinarow 004

hirefirehazardtreeslinedupinarow 002

Three months have passed since I made my complaint against the Meadow Park HOA regarding noncompliance with our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan. The Fire Marshal ordered a lot by lot inspection for high fire hazard vegetation on my street (Captain Nurse Circle).  I was told that all high fire hazard vegetation would be removed!

WELL…..Look closely at these two pictures I took today 11-09-14:

What is going on here in these pictures? Look at how close these high fire hazard trees were planted next to our homes on Captain Nurse Circle in Novato, CA. This is totally in violation of our Vegetation Management And Fuel Modification Plan. The trees were intentionally planted this way and has created a high fire hazard threat to our neighborhood’s safety….

I am continuing to document that the Meadow Park  HOA and the contracted landscape maintenance company, Cagwin & Dorward never followed up on the Fire Marshal’s orders to do a lot by lot inspection here on Captain Nurse Circle. If this inspection had been done thoroughly as requested, these trees would not still be here today, 11-09-14….

I do not live over the rainbow. I live in reality, on solid ground, and this is the reality right now…

What a travesty this is, that public officals are not being recognozed for their authority. They are just being ignored and laughed at….Shameful!