My Little Blog Has Big Impact- Wakes Up The “Dead”

Good to see so many views here on my community blog. Now I am wondering if this viewing process is initiating change. Well, so far, there has been a slight improvement in how the HOA is handling fire safety issues. I see them slowly pondering what to do about the fire sprinkler systems installed on our Meadow Park homes… They have been discussing this issue of 5 year certification now for over two months…. And on and on it drags.  Yawn,  boring….

Of course this has to be done. Get it done now. Do not put it off another 2 months… The community is all watching what you are doing.. You drag this out forever it seems. We are so over due for our fire sprinkler inspection…We are the model for the rest of the Hamilton community get it? No one else is doing this now, but we are….Get real and approve the inspection with a reputable company that is responsible and can do this efficiently. Do not connect with a group that is unworthy. … I will be watching this too and reporting what happens here. I sent you a quote from a very good company ( A Total Fire Protection) for $125.00 an inspection. I am wondering if you are ignoring it totally….Do  not go with that plumber who you use out of San Rafael. That group is into plumbing!

That’s all I am saying for now. The rest is unchanged. You can read through my blog and just know that nothing else changed yet…. But if you decide to attend that boring Meadow Park Board meeting next Tuesday, you may want to say something about my blog and that fact that it is telling things that no one else is talking about. And that it is real and true…Below is a link to the Board meeting agenda on November 18:


I will never go to those meetings. It is a very negative place for me. I would never feel comfortable there.. It is a pit of liars and criminals trying to keep control of our money. That is the truth….I always speak the truth..


Healer Julia Angel