Rainy Day Workers on Captain Nurse Circle: A Dangerous Situation

Well, it looks like Mother Nature is taking care of the water problem for all of us. I knew this would happen…. There is a cycle of things in this world and we are completing it. Can you tell? That is why for three years there was very little rain. But now we will have as much as we need…That is a very good thing. Our vegetation will be well nourished again and look lush and healthy all the time….

But, I am not happy to see the Cagwin & Dorward landscapers here on Captain Nurse Circle in the middle of a very dangerous rainstorm attempting to do their work… I cannot understand why they are being made to work in these dangerous conditions? Most people would not be allowed to work outside when there is a chance of thunderstorms as we had last evening. This is not a good situation. I know these men. They are good and hard-working. But this is ridiculous!

We are paying this company to do our landscape maintenance, but not at the expense of people’s safety and well-being… It is all about the money, I know.. So I have taken a few pictures today to show that they are really here on 12/03/14 @ 10:51 AM trying to work in this blustery wind and rainstorm.

They are not emergency workers. They are simply landscapers… Now that is the truth…And they should be allowed to have a safe life too. I am not happy that these men are being put at risk of losing their jobs to work in a dangerous condition on my street!! How can they do their jobs in a rainstorm?

What a bad company Cagwin & Dorward is… See my point? They do not do things right. They do not follow the Novato Fire Marshal’s orders to make our neighborhood fire safe by doing a lot by lot inspection for high fire hazard vegetation and then removing it. This was never done and they are lying if they say they did it. And they do not care about the safety of their workers either… Shameful!

Here is the link to the Marin IJ article about today’s weather problems in Novato and Marin County:


rainy day workers 001

Landscapers forced to work in dangerous storm conditions.

rainy day workers 002

Landscaper’s truck parked on Captain Nurse Circle during high weather conditions.