Thank Goodness the City of Novato Has No Control Over Our Rules!

That is why I have never even bothered going to their meetings and talking about all the problems we are having here in Meadow Park. The City of Novato has absolutely no jurisdiction over our HOA rules. They will not even bother listening to me or anyone about the problems here in Meadow Park. We are so fortunate to have our own set of CC&Rs which govern how our community is planned and maintained. We do not have to deal with anything else from the City of Novato.

I say this because I happened to be watching a few minutes of the televised December 9 Novato City Council meeting right now. They were discussing second additions etc. and someone from the Novato Sanitary District was there answering questions.   I know that some of these people on the City Council are realtors…. That is not good….Talk about conflict of interest.The only way to really govern a city is to hire the people for city council and make that their job…But in Novato, that will NEVER happen!  They will always have these volunteer people with their own interests in mind… That sitution is too negative to sustain reality…

It was a real eye-opener because this lady from Corte Madera began talking about how she was a single mom and had been able to convert one of her rooms into a rental a few years ago so that she could stay in her home….. And then she goes on and says how she founded some organization for single moms and second units… Blah blah blah….And then she had the audacity to say how wonderful Novato has been with affordable housing!!! I laughed so much and shut the TV off….What a joke she is and what a joke that she said the City of Novato did a good job with affordable housing.. That is the biggest joke of the century!!!

Anyway, renting out rooms to make life affordable is never supposed to happen here in Meadow Park. We are governed by our CC&Rs which disallow us from ever renting out our rooms.. This is a very good thing… We do not want renters in our community. That is why the CC&Rs were specific about this area…The originators who planned Meadow Park used a very simple and standard set of CC&Rs which is common is most HOA governed communities. And that is why communities with CC&Rs are very desirable communities to live in…..

But, in the City of Novato, there are no such rules… You can see renters and homeowners living next door to each other and it is legally OK in Novato. You see people renting out their rooms to whomever and that is just fine in the City of Novato (according to the City of Novato ordinances). But this lax attitude is what causes those neighborhoods to disintegrate into ugliness and corruption….It is happening most everywhere in good old Novato..

Here in Meadow Park, this is not supposed to happen, although it did. Why? Because our HOA management is very weak and enabling… This community is now 10 years old and has a significant amount of renters. Not good! Not legal according to our HOA CC&Rs! Meadow Park has become a very negative place because of corrupted Owners, volunteer board members, and contracted management.  As I said before, the management people in control of the HOA should be paid Owners. And just get rid of those property management companies. They are no good for HOA governed communities like ours because those property managers do not care about our rules. Those companies make up rules all the time and ignore our rules….They only care that they are in control of our money!!! I have demonstrated this time and time again here on my blog. Property management companies are very corrupt and criminal… And we are not required to have a property management company at all. It is only required for the first year of HOA inception….Did you know that?

If the CC&R rules would be enforced again by a change in the management people, the community would also change tremendously and our home values would sky-rocket as a result.. That is why HOAs are very good for Owners.. Not renters….The best solution is to pay our new Board of Directors (who are Owners) and get rid of the property management companies forever!!! I am sure there are highly skilled Owners would do this part-time for a paid fee. And these people would certainly want the rules followed and the recurring problems dealt with accordingly..

The Novato City Council is very skewed toward anything to do with property and home sales. I am so glad they can not intrude in our community about this particular issue. In fact, there are specific guidelines about our homes which state they are always to be owner-occupied and not rented at all. Now this is not occurring very well but I am still talking about it all the time and making this issue well-known. These corrupt Owners will be dealt with accordingly and will have to either move back into their homes or sell their property to a new Owner who will abide by our no-renting HOA rules…..

The City of Novato continues to see a lot of problems in this area because they are so lax about everything related to Novato home ownership…. The blight continues in the City of Novato, but here in Meadow Park, the landscaping is alive and lush. There is no flooding. We are a community on the road to becoming completely fire hazard safe!!! There is life here in Meadow Park because we have the best set of CC&R rules that exist right now.. The rules simply need to be enforced, and that means making the rules well-known.

Meadow Park will become  the “Best Place to Live in Marin County”! Even when Novato’s decline worsens, Meadow Park will thrive because we have our own set of legal governing documents which allows us to maintain our community in a comfortable and safe manner, apart from the City of Novato, because they just want to forget all about is here in Meadow Park. To them, we are just a failed investment. But really, it is the City of Novato which needs to be forgotten….And in the future the City of Novato will simply fade away…It is a very negative place that should never have been…

This is the Meadow Park Declaration Of Restrictions 3.2  which states very clearly that our homes are to be Owner occupied and not rented!!! It is very clear and straightforward language, yet many Owners are purposely ignoring this rule. They should all be held accountable for being in violation of CC&R 3,2:

3.2 Owner Occupancy Requirement and Renting.

Pursuant to the terms of the Affordable Housing Covenant, Resale Restrictions and Option to Purchase Agreement (the Resale Restrictions Agreement), the Non-Transitional Housing Condominiums must be Owner-occupied and may not be leased, subleased, or otherwise rented.