Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Meadow Park is Getting a New Landscape Maintenance Contract!!

Well, if I had not have been taking a walk today around the neighborhood, I would never have known that these two meetings are taking place! But, thank goodness I did. There is this hanging file on a telephone pole on Bolling Drive and that is where this information was posted… Now I am most likely the only Meadow Park homeowner that even knows about this…. They (the HOA management) are very unwilling to send us this information in the mail or even post the last meeting minutes from November… I just happened upon this information…I guess  it is my lucky day!!

I am posting this agenda here on my blog because it is most important.. This means that the HOA is finally changing the landscape maintenance company and trying to do it as quietly as possible. But it is not going to be done that secretly… Here is what the 2 meeting agendas look like. The paper got a little bit wet but you can see for yourself that 2 new landscape maintenance companies are being considered for the landscape contract. Now there will be virtually no input from Owners on this. There will be no one there at these meetings (one was already held) because the Owners are not even aware of the meetings ….

Meadow Park December 2014 meetings

Kind of sneaky but at last change is happening in Meadow Park. That is what I am watching and waiting for and it is happening… Maybe the new landscape maintenance company will follow up on the Novato Fire Marshals’ orders to a T!