2015 Meeting Minutes Were Missing, Now Posted Extremely Late: Wakefield Sharp Needs to Go….

Update 09/28/15:

Just checked one more time on the HOA’s website and saw that more meeting minutes were posted. I am going ahead and posting the link to the entire set of meeting minutes for 2015 here for all to see. This is an easy way to access those important meeting minutes… Now we all can see what was discussed… However, I want to make it clear, that minutes were not posted in a timely manner at all… The May meeting minutes were approved in July but just got posted recently…. That is called extremely poor customer service….



Alright people, this is reality…

As of this date: 09/27/15:

Wakefield Sharp, the property management that is responsible for maintaining our HOA’s website, has not posted the following Board meeting minutes on the Meadow Park HOA’s website:

May 2015 Board Meeting

July 2015 Board Meeting

August 2015 Board Meeting

September 2015 Board Meeting

Now this is against the law.. I made several complaints about this two years ago to the CA State Attorney General’s office…

This management company, Wakefield Sharp, continues to stop all communication between homeowners here in Meadow Park… Just check out the HOA’s website.. What a joke it is…There is no way to communicate with other homeowners here (see below).

Meadow Park Website Etiquette and Usage Guidelines

Meadow Park Website Etiquette and Usage Guidelines

There are no blogs or message boards available on the Meadow Park HOA website… The message boards were removed over two years ago in July 2013 and never replaced. It is a sham

The HOA website is so full of inaccuracies…Important documents like the Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan are not even posted. I had to do this myself on this blog…


The management continues to ignore this important document and not provide it to homeowners…

Wakefield Sharp remains the only entity in control of this…

This property management company should be fired ASAP… Who is going to finally take control of this mess and get rid of Wakefield Sharp?   We do not want them in control of our money…..That is for sure!