Meadow Park is Now In 2015: A Whole New World is Opening Up!

I can feel it. The changes are very apparent.. Did you receive your latest information from Hello Housing? (No renting it says!) Did you know that we are negotiating for a brand new landscape maintenance contract? How are these things going to affect the Owners here in Meadow Park? I mean, the Owners who are paying their HOA fees all the time, on time…..I feel that all good things are happening now. The bad times are over for the good Owners who do the right thing all the time…..

Sound familiar? Are you an Owner like me? Doing the right thing and never getting a thank you? Well, this is all changing now. The evil ones who have controlled our world here in Novato and Meadow Park are losing all of their control… It is a very spiritual thing and even if you do not understand this, I do…..Keep informed here on my blog as our little world gets stronger and more in control. We are the ones who will survive the catastrophes ahead.. It is so easy when you are on the universe….(

Read all about the universality of change and creating living worlds on my other blog: It will certainly make a big difference in your life. Feel the purging effect. It is all automatic, continuous, and totally real…