Progress in the Landscape Maintenance Category Here on Captain Nurse Circle

Two events I want to blog about today. I want to mention the progress that is now occurring regarding my complaint against the HOA. I made this complaint last year because the Meadow Park HOA was not acknowledging our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan. Much of my community blog has been devoted to this important issue. I want to say right now that my blog has made a tremendous impact on bringing this problem to the forefront and moving this problem ahead to a positive solution.

I want to say too, that I was assisted by two very good people in Novato during this  time. I was given an original copy of the Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification plan by Clark Blasdell, the CEO of North Bay Family Homes. He and his staff at North Bay Family Homes graciously searched for this document and found it….He did this after I was not able to get cooperation from the Meadow Park HOA management (who does have a copy) but refused to give me one…. He delivered this to my home personally. I am again thanking him publicly for this kind and supportive act. He was in no way obligated to do this. He just wanted to help things change for the good!

Thank you Clark Blasdell! You are a very good person!!

I again want to publicly thank our Novato Fire Marshal,  B/C Bill Tyler for following up so dutifully on my complaint. I am seeing some changes…And I appreciate all the time and emailing that went on with him to make this real and powerful!  I am hoping that the changes become more and more apparent here on my street throughout the coming year! I am posting a few pictures and a document to show that change is really occurring here.. It is not just a big joke. It is not being forgotten about either.

This is a very serious legal issue that had not been addressed properly since the inception of our community. This document (Meadow Park Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan) is part of our governing documents and was being completely ignored by the HOA management…Owners are all supposed to have a copy of it and follow its guidelines. As of this posting, the HOA management still has not notified Owners of this legal requirement...

Thank you B/C Bill Tyler for doing your job and making our community so much safer…You instructed the HOA to follow the Plan. Without your intervention, they would have continued to ignore me and its existence… And that is the truth!

Bill Tyler, you are a very good person! Thank you!

Two Events Showing Progress

This is a posted agenda that states an Executive Session was held on January 13, 2015 to discuss landscape contracts. I already had posted the 2 Executive Sessions that were held in December. I am assuming that this most recent session was scheduled to make a final decision… Here is the posted agenda which I obtained from the hanging file on Bolling Drive. This hanging file is located right under the blue Neighborhood Watch Sign upon the entrance to our neighborhood. I am posting it here on my blog to notify Owners that this occurred. I am not sure if any one else even knew about it, because only a few agendas are put in this file….

HOA Executive Session Agenda on January 13, 2015

HOA Executive Session Agenda on January 13, 2015

These are pictures of a high fire hazard tree which has been trimmed recently. This is the type of tree we do not want in our neighborhoods. It has a very bad peeling bark problem. It is non native, from Australia. It is also highly invasive. These trees should never have been planted in our neighborhood!  And look how close this tree was planted to the car port area… Not a good location either…It needs to be completely removed…


HIgh Fire Hazard tree Trimmed on Captain Nurse Circle

High Fire Hazard Tree Trimmed on Captain Nurse Circle


High Fire Hazard, Non native tree trimmed on Captain nurse Circle

High Fire Hazard, Non Native tree trimmed  recently on Captain Nurse Circle