Fire Sprinkler Inspection/Certification Is Becoming A Reality in Meadow Park!

I am going to post some very good news today. It was totally unexpected what I received in the US mail. This is what I received:

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Notice

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Notice


Meadow Park HOA is going to have all of the fire sprinkler systems in our community inspected. This will give our community a 5 year certification which is very important and exclusive. We will now have the benefits of being known as a fire safe community!!! That should continue to increase our property values here. There are very few communities in Marin County that have this certification done. But our HOA has approved and funded it for all Owners here …We are very lucky Owners….

Now, I know that the only reason they are doing this is because I bugged them about it. And made a lot of postings about it here on my blog. And I emailed them a lot. And I also complained to the Novato Fire Marshal, B/C Bill Tyler about the HOA’s lack of responsibility in fire safety issues…And I was able to obtain a genuine copy of the Meadow Park Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan, Phase One from Clark Blasdell, CEO of North Bay Family Homes. I was the sole member of the  “Fire Safety Committee” here in Meadow Park. Not one other Meadow Park Owner helped me. I was the only Owner doing this… Sad but true…

Well, it appears that my intervening has paid off…. Maybe, Meadow Park HOA is not a sham after all…Maybe my healing powers helped too, what do you think?

Next up: The controversy regarding the Landscape Maintenance contract continues with a decision pending at tomorrow’s meeting.. Who will win that battle? It all happens in the War Room Board Meeting… Go on and attend, but I will not be there… I simply cannot attend those board meetings. I am a Healer and those meetings are way too negative for me.. I hope you all understand that!

PS: If you happen to go, please let me know who won because otherwise we will not hear about it officially for 2 months…..I will be happy to make a public post here about our new landscape maintenance company…Thank You!!