Waiting in Anticipation: Who is the Winner of the Meadow Park Landscape Maintenance Contract Competition?

I have not seen any signs of Cagwin & Dorward landscapers this week. Does that mean they are officially gone? I am wondering what the results of the many recent HOA Board of Directors’ discussions and meetings were regarding this important issue. I am an interested Owner, but I have NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON….I am very interested because this contract is a very expensive contract!!And I am paying for it so I need to know what it is right now…

I guess, (like receiving the letter via USPS the other day from EXXELL Fire Systems), I will just have to use my own eyes to see what happens around here on Captain Nurse Circle. And for now, that is what I am seeing, the lack of Cagwin & Dorward vehicles… It was a very quiet week for landscape maintenance here on Captain Nurse Circle….

The only landscape maintenance that is going on is what my family is doing, and that is the truth! The sprinkler systems are turned off again on Captain Nurse Circle. I am personally watering my exclusive use common area landscaping, front and back, because there is no active irrigation happening at all from the HOA, again!!! But I do not see any one else watering their areas, which they are specifically responsible to do according to our CC&R 4.2….Shameful!

Still no minutes posted on the HOA’s website for the November 2014 Board Meeting. That meeting took place over 2 months ago…What responsible organization allows this poor communication to continue unabated? But that is what the reality still is here in the Meadow Park HOA….

Poor communication, ignoring the rules and CC & Rs seems to be the norm.. I continue to see illegal renting and illegal parking, and no communication at all to Owners regarding our Meadow Park Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification plan! I am keeping in touch with the Novato Fire Marshal, B/C Bill Tyler about this issue, so he is now aware that no communication has taken place with the Owners.

That is the current status here on Captain Nurse Circle. I have scheduled my appointment to have my fire sprinkler system tested in February. I am so excited this is finally happening! Get you appointment scheduled now. You will be so happy you did this!