At the End of January 2015, We Do Not Have Minutes Posted For the November 2014 HOA Board Meeting!

Just making this very clear once again. The minutes have not been posted on the Meadow Park HOA’s website for the November 2014 Meadow Park HOA’s Board meeting.  Now, today is January 31, 2015…. Why is this still happening? What is going on with this HOA?… What is really going on?…How long is this sham going to last?

As a Meadow Park Homeowner, I am required to pay $223.00 every month to the HOA. This is a requirement. It is not optional here. You cannot choose whether or not you pay these fees (yet many Owners have chosen not to pay them). I have paid these fees regularly for almost 10 years and yet, I have no idea what was done at that November Board meeting. My money is spent without my knowledge all the time. I want to know what happened. We need to have better communication between the HOA management and the Meadow Park Homeowners!

I know that the HOA has been misspending my money because for many years it allowed ALL OF THE LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE to be done by Cagwin & Dorward and other landscape maintenance companies, when in fact, the homeowners are supposed to be doing some per CC&R 4.2.


I feel I am owed money from this HOA….And still I see no active following of our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan! Nothing was done here on Captain Nurse Circle. They completely ignored the Novato Fire Marshal’s orders…No site by site inspection for high fire hazard vegetation was done.. They lied when they told the Fire Inspectors that this was done!

January 2015 ends and as usual the HOA is defunct in its communication. This is what you still see when you sign into their website: A set of rules, but nothing there to let homeowners discuss anything.

Meadow Park Website Etiquette and Usage Guidelines

Meadow Park Website Etiquette and Usage Guidelines

The HOA website’s message board was removed long ago and never returned. That is why I call them a sham…There is no way for homeowners to interact except here on my blog. These guidelines above on the HOA’s website refer to a bulletin board etc, but none exists.. The HOA website is a sham…It looks like there is something there you can do, but there is nothing!!!

That is why I created my community blog. I welcome other homeowners to interact with me. I welcome comments…But so far no one has come forward. When I tried to promote my blog, I posted flyers on all of the mailboxes in the Meadow Park community and the HOA paid a man to take all of my flyers down. I witnessed that with my own eyes. It was heart wrenching! The HOA has tried to silence me many times. They have tried to get me involved in mediation procedures. I do not mediate with criminals…

I had to enlist the support of outside community leaders to get important safety concerns addressed. This is disgusting …Not one homeowner here is caring enough about these matters but me!…I love my home and all the good things that are happening now are because I want my home to be safe and secure… That is the only reason I am here doing this…

I guess the legal system will eventually rid me of this HOA mess… I guess I will be the one to make sure it happens. I am still the only Owner working on important safety matters and talking about the corrupt misspending of our money.  I am the only one seeing how our rules are not being followed and the enabling done by the HOA management all the time… Gross and disgusting! I will still communicate as much as I can here on my blog, but I will NEVER ATTEND A BOARD MEETING.

Those people who run this HOA were very rude and uncaring towards me. They are not good people….They harrassed and bullied me…I tried to work with them for a long time but it did no good… I stay away from people like that and blog about the reality in this HOA instead…The Novato Fire Marshal knows what is going on. I keep him posted. I am not a target anymore…