It’s Confirmed: the Landscape Maintenance Company is STILL Cagwin & Dorward!

I heard the familiar sounds of lawnmowers this morning and took a quick walk along Bolling Circle. Sure enough, there was a Cagwin & Dorward landscape truck parked there. I guess this means that the other landscape companies lost out. That is what it seems like anyways. There has not been any change….

Also, I want to report that the minutes are still not posted on the Meadow Park HOA’s website for the November 2014 meeting. I have not been in contact with Wakefield Sharp and I am not going to contact them. I am only documenting here what I see them do…

I will continue to document what I see right here on my blog, whatever it is… I feel it is important to have a place right now to document what the HOA is and is not doing…. So, all of those meetings that the board members held in December and January to discuss a new landscape maintenance contract seemed to be just another gimmick because nothing changed! And I am sure these crooks will try to raise our fees once again this year!

I will also continue to monitor any response to my complaint about the HOA not following our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan and I will notify the Fire Marshal if nothing happens. I have a feeling the HOA is just hoping that it all goes away. But I will not be allowing that to happen… I will make sure the right people know what is really happening around here… I have no problem documenting what I see.. I want my money spent the right way and not carelessly like it has been….

That is the absolute latest happenings here. It does not look that good really. I am just waiting a little bit longer to let them comply with the Fire Marshals’ orders…..