There’s Nothing Much New to Say…..

Nothing has changed here in the Meadow Park HOA…I am not seeing any changes. No minutes posted etc. Maybe they did not have a quorum to approve them at the last meeting? No one tells me anything… I get a lot of views on this blog from all over the world. It is amazing and surprising who is looking at this blog. But not one Owner is talking to me…

On a more positive note, I am looking forward to my fire sprinkler system inspection on Monday. I am happy that I can finally add this certification document to my other legally required Homeowner paperwork. It has been missing….

I will post what I receive from Exxell Fire Systems here on my blog. Hopefully, I get a receipt of some kind. I will show what I get.. I am very pleased that the HOA Board approved this inspection, even though it was not mandated for them to do it.. It was done because it needed to be done for our community’s safety…. And all Owners should see the value of this inspection and schedule their inspection appointment right away… It increases our home values and we will be looked at as an example for other communities in our area…

February is moving along well. I am feeling that more change is coming. It is slow progress, but in the right direction… It is not good though that communication remains so lacking within this HOA. And I tried to bridge that gap but was stopped. It is not really my responsibility to communicate anything. I was just trying to voice my concerns as a responsible Owner should and I was not being allowed to do this by the HOA….

Maybe there are some Owners out there who are a little more available to do somethings here. I do not interact with board members anymore. I tried that a few times and it was not successful… I am not looking to ever be a board member. I just want things done correctly and many things have not been done right since the beginning of this organization…Unbelievable but true!

Hurrah for the rain as we have our sprinklers turned off again on Captain Nurse Circle….