Fire Sprinkler System Inspection is Not Optional!

UPDATE 03/18/15

Nate Hargitt <>

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date:Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 6:10 PM

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Dear Julia,

Wow this information is very helpful. Thank you. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you until now. We have sent the information we have to date to them. I really appreciate your help.

from: Julia Angel <>
to: Nate Hargitt <>
date: Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 6:32 AM
subject: Re: Follow up re: Meadow Park Fire Sprinkler System testing
Dear Nate,

I appreciate your hard work with this inspection..  I want them (HOA management) to be very responsible in all aspects of the inspection and repair process..
Thank You!


The State of California requires homeowners to have their fire sprinkler system inspections every five years! Yet, the Meadow Park Owners have not been informed about this.. There are some Owners who are blatantly ignoring this whole thing and thus continue to allow our community to be at a major fire hazard risk..

I am getting more involved with this inspection right now because I know it could drag on for many months… And the problem is that there has been poor communication from the beginning … This communication is the responsibility of the management company, Wakefield Sharp, to make it clear that this inspection is mandatory, not optional….

I have emailed the inspection company, Exxell Fire Systems, and the Novato Fire Marshal, B/C Bill Tyler, to make sure all are aware that the budget meeting coming up on March 17 must include a line item for fire sprinkler system repairs… I am sure there is nothing right now… But this line item needs to be added so we can all have our fire sprinkler systems repaired in a timely manner… I do not want this inspection to go on and on and on without any follow-up.. That could easily happen in this HOA where it is being led down the wrong road all the time….

Here is the email I sent to Nate at Exxell Fire Systems. I forwarded it to the Fire Marshal too .. I hope this helps ensure that this costly but important inspection continues and completes without further delay.

from: Julia Angel <>
to: Nate Hargitt <>
date: Sat, Mar 14, 2015 at 10:38 AM
subject: Re: Follow up re: Meadow Park Fire Sprinkler System testing


I am following up with you one more time because this fire sprinkler inspection is so important for our Meadow Park community. We are a ten-year old community and this inspection was never done here before!

Below is the agenda for the March Board of Director’s meeting on March 17 at 7 PM.. You can see that there is no mention of your company there. But they are discussing the budget for the upcoming year. I would recommend highly that you get in touch with the management company (Wakefield Sharp) ASAP and make sure you can be included in this agenda. Even if you are not completely done with all of the inspections, you must let them know how much the costs are going to be (an estimate is fine) to do the repairs. Otherwise, this HOA will put it off…Believe me, I know how they do things there…The repair costs need to be included in this new budget!

I know this sounds weird, but that is how they run things like this. So please let your management staff know that they really should be involved in this upcoming board of director’s meeting… Please do not be passive about this.. I want this inspection completed in a reasonable time. I have paid my HOA assessment fees regularly ($223.00/month) to have this done.. I hope you understand..The Owners are the real clients here. We are the ones who pay for this. And you guys will get paid sooner too if you push this a bit.. I know the management company, Wakefield Sharp,  is not used to having this inspection done for its HOA  clients.. They are very hesitant to make it easier for you..

I am here to make it as easy as possible. I am on your side.. Please do as I ask.. Let this happen the right way… Submit an estimate of repairs for the board of directors to consider at this next meeting… You will be so happy you did this!

I am the only one who pushed the HOA to get this inspection done. I have the Novato Fire Marshal,  B/C Bill Tyler, on my side.  You can always contact him too for help.. ( i.e. if there are negligent Owners who do not cooperate with this inspection!)..  His phone number is: 415-878-2690.


Thank You for your prompt attention to this situation. There is time to get things moving the right way if you respond to the information contained in this email… It is in the best interests of all involved…

Julia Angel, Universal Healer