Fire Sprinkler System Inspection And Repairs: An Update


It was almost three months ago that I had my fire sprinkler system inspected. My fire sprinkler system did not pass the inspection. It was done on February 9. Now, I want this done right. I am waiting patiently for the repair of my fire sprinkler system. I emailed Nate again this morning to see what the status on repairs is. This is his response:

Nate Hargitt <>
to: Julia Angel <>
date: Mon, May 4, 2015 at 10:02 AM
subject: Re: Follow up on Fire Sprinkler System Testing

Dear Julia,
Thanks for the follow-up. We are still working out the best way to do it with the HOA, this could take some time as most repairs requires turning off the water, and on top of that we need to contact each person who has repairs and working out when it works for them etc. I will inform you when we are ready to get started on this.


Nate Hargitt
Exxell Fire Systems

It was about one month ago that I was last in contact with Nate Hargitt at Exxell Fire Systems. I have not heard any more fire alarms sounding here on Captain Nurse Circle. I hope that all or most of the fire sprinkler system inspections have been completed.

I want my fire sprinkler system repaired. I want my 5 year certification report too. I hope that this does not fall apart. The Board of Directors is accountable for this inspection project…

There is no board meeting until next month (Date: May 19, 2015, Time: 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM Location: Hamilton Art Center, War Room 500 Palm Drive).

Here is my quick email to Nate at 9:40 AM 04-14-15 :

Hi Nate!

I am just checking back in with you. Any progress yet with the fire sprinkler system repairs? Have you heard back from the HOA?

Here is the response from Nate at 11:14 AM 04-14-15:

Dear Julia,

“Thanks for your interest. We have forwarded all the information over to them. However I have turned all of this over to the corrections branch so I have minimal information as to how things are progressing. When I know I’ll let you know.”

All right! Than you Nate.

I have not been contacted by anyone yet so I hope things are moving along as they should be..Maybe I will hear more soon. I will update the progress as I receive it here on my blog..