The Irrigation Water Appears to Be Back On, FInally!

UPDATE MAy 4, 2015, 9:26 AM:

It appears that the irrigation is back on. I took a quick walk around my building and saw evidence of wet grounds. And it did not rain last night. So I am assuming that sometime during the night the sprinklers were back on again.

I also received an email response from Ryan Grisso at the North Marin Water District regarding my water wasting report:

from: Ryan Grisso <>
to: “” <>
date: Mon, May 4, 2015 at 8:54 AM
subject: RE: Reporting Water Wasting Incident in Meadow Park



The area you are referring to is supplied with recycled water and is not subject to Ordinance 28.  It sounds like it was a stuck valve which is common when the system is turned on for the first time of the season.  I will follow-up with Jensen to see if they have been having any issues with more broken valves and to make sure their staff is not leaving valves on.



Ryan Grisso

North Marin Water District

My response:

Julia Angel <>

9:23 AM (7 minutes ago)

to Ryan
Allright Ryan,

But, it still was a major water waste, and costs us (the HOA) a lot of money. It is not “free” water..
Your agency still charges us for this recycled … It was negligence…and a huge water bill! That is not good….
I was not aware that the ordinance does not cover the recycled water… Wish the recycled water was also free….
And I wanted to tell you that it seems like the irrigation was finally turned back on here . The grounds look wet and it did not rain last night.
Thanks for the email back,
Julia Angel
So, apparently water wasting ordinances do not apply to recycled water. .
There are no ordinances about recycled water usage. Too bad for us,  because we still get the huge water bill when recycled water is wasted unnecessarily as it did in this April 3 incident….
All because of negligence of Jensen workers for not doing a good job…
This is the truth… We get stuck paying a huge water bill and NMWD does not care.. They just want the money….


UPDATE May 4, 2015:

Even though Jensen workers drove around my neighborhood on Saturday (2 days ago), they apparently were not doing anything about turning on the irrigation..They seemed to be just driving around….There is no irrigation happening right now on Captain Nurse Circle. I am not sure about the other neighborhoods in Meadow Park, but I am sure about mine. The water is not on… The landscaping is drying out more and more creating an increased high fire hazard again! And the fees went up here in meadow park too! They are getting more money and not watering the landscape!

This happened last year too, but now, there is this new company Jensen that has already made serious errors with our irrigation.. They severely wasted water here on April 3, 2015 by leaving an entire set of sprinklers on for over 9 hours continuously! This happened when Jensen workers were testing all the sprinklers and did not turn these off. See my blog post about this at this link:

I notified the North Marin Water District (NMWD) about this. I have not heard back from them. I will follow-up with the NMWD one more time to make sure that someone there is doing something about this! According to the North Marin Water District Emergency Novato Service Area Water Conservation Ordinance No. 28,  dated April 1, 2014:

Section 5. Waste of Water Prohibited

No water furnished by the District shall be wasted. Waste of water includes, but is not limited to, the following:

(a) permitting water to escape down a gutter, ditch or other surface drain;

(b) failure to repair a controllable leak of water

(c) failure to put to reasonable beneficial use any water withdrawn from the District’s system. 

This is the link to the entire document which is available on the NMWD website:

Click to access Novato%20Emergency%20Ordinance%20032814.pdf

It was only because I noticed this water wasting incident that it got stopped. Otherwise, it would have been a much worse situation…. Days could have gone by instead of merely hours. But I am an Owner who regularly observes my back patio exclusive use common area landscaping. No one else does here. No one else did anything…My neighbors were either not home or did not care.

No response from Wakefield Sharp. No response from anyone… This is the current status here on Captain Nurse Circle. I report what happens here on my blog. I do not make up stories. I simply tell the truth..

UPDATE May 2, 2015:

I saw one Jensen pickup truck driving aimlessly around our neighborhood today. I did not see them do anything but drive… Now I am sure we will be billed for another extra Saturday of landscape service. But they did not do anything but drive around…. And the irrigation water is still turned off here on Captain Nurse Circle…And, I did not see them doing any landscape maintenance here on Captain Nurse Circle this past week.. They were pretty much out of sight…

UPDATE MAY 1, 2015:

The irrigation remains off here on Captain Nurse Circle. The work order I submitted on April 17 has still not been taken care of properly..

And we are having a lot of hotter,  dry days right now. I am being asked to pay $233.00 per month for no irrigation.

We do not have a community pool.

We do not have a community recreation room.

We do not have much of anything these days, not even irrigation for our landscaping!

We just got our monthly HOA dues raised again! It gets harder and harder to keep paying this monthly assessment. We are legally required to do this, but it is not easy or fun anymore. There is no fun in it….

So, on top of a big mortgage payment most of us are having to pay (not me because my responsibility for that has been legally erased),  we are having to pay an additional big fat HOA assessment fee every month and we are not getting our landscaping irrigated…

This lack of irrigation in our landscape creates and maintains a high fire hazard condition…

Now is this is crime?

I think so.. We are legally allowed to have our landscape irrigated 3 times per week. That is not being done by this HOA and management team.

More fuel for the upcoming lawsuit. The lawyers are going to love this….

1:02 PM

I just sent Wakefield Sharp a work order request AGAIN to have the irrigation turned on.

“The irrigation is still off on Captain Nurse Circle. Please make sure it is turned on!”

This request was sent on the website “contact us” section. This was sent to Mark Sharp who is responsible for work orders and maintenance issues. I have yet to receive any response from these property management people.. I consider them the worst example of a property management company that exists today. They do not respond, and they refuse to do work orders when asked..

What a stupid scam they are…

What a huge waste of my money they are too…


The work order I submitted to Wakefield Sharp via email on April 17 was ignored. I never received any response back from them. Wakefield Sharp is the property management company who has been contracted by our HOA to oversee these work order responsibilities….It is definitely time for a change here, a change away from Wakefield Sharp…

What did happen on Saturday, April 18 was this: A Jensen truck and a few Jensen workers wandering around Captain Nurse Circle looking at the irrigation valves/timers etc… They apparently were doing something with them. I guess we will be getting billed for this extra Saturday activity…

But the irrigation never started… Now I have to email Wakefield Sharp one more time;

Julia Angel <>

12:42 PM (0 minutes ago)

to info

The sprinklers are still not one. They (Jensen workers) showed up on Saturday the 18th and were looking at the irrigation settings etc…  But the sprinklers are not on here on Captain Nurse Circle. I am letting you all know this at your office.

 You have been officially notified that Jensen did not manage the irrigation system in a responsible manner again.
We still do not have any irrigation occurring on Captain Nurse Circle…Now, I would appreciate it if you would do your jobs that you are being paid to do and make sure that Jensen really turns on the water….
You are a contacted service. You work for me. Remember that… 

I just sent this to Wakefield Sharp and I am sure I will not receive any response from them. But I would like to see the sprinklers turned on…. I am still awaiting that activity here. I am documenting all of this here on my blog once again because I pay a lot of money every month ($223.) and get very little service done in return…

Correction, now we are paying 233.00 per month..For what I do not know…Why the increase?

As of April 29, no response from Wakefield Sharp. Just this letter came today that they screwed up on our billing invoice for this month and had to re-mail a whole new set of bills! That cost us even more money: about $150.00 each time they “forget” something and need to re-mail us…And now we are paying 233.00 per month!!!! That is a joke in this “affordable housing” community…

The sprinklers are off still. Poor communication from this management company continues… They are not doing anything… They are very bad managers and we can do much better on our own without them.

We are all grown up now.

We have lived here for 10 years!

We do not need these corrupt landscape maintenance companies and property managers to do things for us.

They waste our money!

They should be fired immediately!

Let’s lower our HOA fees and get rid of the fat that keeps growing around us here in Meadow Park…