Meadow Park is A Beautiful Place

Lady Banks Rose, soon to be planted in my front Exclusive Use Common Area landscaping section. This is a beautiful fragrant climbing rose that is part of our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan...

Lady Banks Rose is now planted in my front exclusive use common area landscaping section. This is a beautiful fragrant climbing rose that is part of our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan…

It really is! And you can help keep it that way… If you just do your little part, if everyone does, then our little jewel of Marin County will be the most exclusive and highly sought after location to live… I really mean this.. I am not kidding. I am totally serious. It takes a little time but everyone needs to get out in the fresh, clean summertime air and clean up their yards, front and back. Do a little planting and get rid of that garbage…Keep your plants watered 3 times per week..They will thrive! Even with this drought time we are still allowed to water three times per week.. Remember the automatic irrigation system that is in place is recycled water and does not count at all in the current rules about water rationing…I confirmed this with North Marin Water District a few months ago…

What could be better than that people?

Isn’t being out in nature the most pleasant place to be? Not behind a computer or TV, but outside… There is real dirt out there just waiting to be worked into a beautiful landscape… It is fun to do this and we are required to do this landscape maintenance. It is not really optional although it has been dealt with like that in the past.. Our landscape maintenance obligations are specified in CC&R 4.2:

4.2 Owners Landscaping Obligations. Each Owner shall maintain the landscaping within
any Exclusive Use Common Area patio appurtenant to the Owner’s Condominium in a healthy and
weed-free condition and shall be responsible for the periodic pruning of any trees and the removal
of any diseased or overgrown trees or any trees with root systems that are damaging any
Common Area or Association Property improvement.

Appurtenant means “attached to” referring to the dirt attached to our patios front and back. This landscaped area is our responsibility to maintain…It needs to be kept weed and pest free and watered regularly.. And it can be a lot of fun too. We also have a list of recommended vegetation that can be planted there. This list is located at this link on my blog:

Read through the Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan. It is our responsiblity as Owners to have a copy of this document and adhere to its guidelines..Inside this document is a section entitled “Recommended Fire Resistant Plant Materials”.

So Owners in Meadow Park, get outdoors and start doing this in reality like I have and a few others have… It is our homes and we want to have a beautiful Meadow Park home in and out…Let’s get our meadows planted and beautiful again!

And it is the best time of the year for this..

This is a picture of salvia sonomensis, Mrs. Beard, a beautiful sage native to Sonoma County which is on our recommended fire resistant plant list. It is currently growing in my front exclusive use common area landscaping.