Two Years Later, Message Board Remains Missing from HOA’s Web Site….

Two years ago, in July 2013, the HOA decided to remove the message board from its website.. If you go there now you will still not find it.. All you get is this negative and rude welcome:

Meadow Park Website Etiquette and Usage Guidelines

Meadow Park Website Etiquette and Usage Guidelines

But as these guidelines refer to etiquette and usage, there is no way to use it…. This is a total sham…There is no bulletin board or blog…Stupid people did this and it remains just like this…

That message board was the only way for Owners to interact directly with each other… The decision to remove this important communication tool was made by the hired management company and HOA Board of Directors… Now, this is very criminal… But in this HOA, no one seems to care about it that much, except for me… I created this blog one year ago so I could have a place to speak the truth about my home community..

I am still here, but the message board is not.. I have created a Google group though if people in Meadow Park are interested in joining. It is called the Meadow Park Community and you have to be invited to participate. I need your responses though so I can send you the invitation.

If you all continue to be silent, then so be it.. I will continue to stay here and blog about my concerns.. I am very safe here and I have made a difference. But I am only one person and I am not on the Board.. I will never be on a Board of anything… That is not what I am here to do.

My healing abilities allow me to interact in different ways to make positive changes. And that means I do not sit on any Board ever… But others can do this and make the right decisions.. That is the problem.. The wrong people keep staying in those positions simply because they are so negatively set up to do so..The good people stay away from Boards these days…

I am making this clear that my home will remain a very safe and beautiful place to live.. I am here and will remain here.. I make it this way because I remove all the spiritual set ups that have invaded my home.. I can do this… but, I am never going to be in the limelight or be a target. I will never put myself in harm’s way….Those days of being targeted are in the past and never return to my world.

You can read my blog and be entertained by it… I do not really care what you think about it…My blog has made me feel very good and powerful…That is important!  I am powerful. I do not know of any other Healers like me  anywhere….

This HOA will eventually succumb and go away as all negative set ups do.. There just does not seem to be the right kind of people doing this… Things get a little  better, but at some  point things will keep changing and eventually the HOA will not be here anymore… That is reality! But I will always be here, even when the HOA is long gone and forgotten…