Networking is Good-It Felt Like The Right Thing To Do..But That Time is Over….

UPDATE 08/23/15:

Although I was a member of the Hamilton Forum last year, I have chosen since then not to participate any further due to the negative comments and criticisms I received from its’ users… Not one person spoke out in favor of what I was saying and doing.. So I have chosen to leave the Hamilton Forum entirely…It is not the right place for me.. I just stay here on my blog where I can speak clearly and freely without a lot of negative feedback thrown at me…

I am not like those people on the Hamilton Forum and choose not to associate with them… I have had tremendous success in turning things around here in Meadow Park as a result of leaving the Hamilton Forum and getting away from the negative people there….This is the truth… And today I am updating this post to reflect the reality of the Hamilton Forum which is composed of a bunch of very negative no-nothing do-gooders who are allowed to bully and harass participants….I left that awful place and returned to my blog.

I have created a Google group for the Meadow Park homeowner community. If you are interested in participating in this group, read more about it at this link and send me an email so you can interact there with other homeowners… This is the only way for the Meadow Park homeowners to interact with each other as the message boards were all taken away from us over two years ago on the HOA’s website! Yes that is true,  a few very bad people took away our only communication tool…

October 19, 2014:

I am just letting the Meadow Park community know that I have connected to the Hamilton Community Forum and now those members have access and knowledge of this blog. I am happy that I am able to share my blog with the rest of the Hamilton community. I hope this sharing helps us all continue to create and improve the safety of our Hamilton community…

Creating a safe and living world is not that easy today. But I am here trying to do this. I am not really concerned about those few negative people out there who do not want to see our community live on and thrive. I am only caring about the good people who understand the importance of  fire safety and changing our landscaping to the way it was supposed to be.

I am not here to play games either.

I simply tell the truth about what is happening in Meadow Park to effect change. And that seems to be working. If you are really concerned about these fire safety issues then you will do something. I am not going to tell you what to do. You will lead yourself to the next thing. I am only here to create the awareness and wake us all up. Do not think I am going to be in the front of the room. But I will be there watching all the time, be assured of that….

highfirehazardtrees082914 003

This huge Eucalyptus lives right in the middle of Captain Nurse Circle. It is located next to the tot lot park. It is highly prohibited. Why is it here? Well, I guess those people who built this community thought it was OK to leave it where it was…. Now that is wrong. This tree should not be here in the middle of Captain Nurse Circle. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN REMOVED WHEN THE CONSTRUCTION WAS DONE. THAT KIND OF MENTALITY IS WHAT PUTS OUR COMMUNITY AT A HIGH FIRE RISK TODAY. I DO NOT CARE IF THEY THOUGHT IT WAS “OK”. IT IS PROHIBITED TO HAVE THESE TREES IN OUR COMMUNITY PER OUR VEGETATION MANAGEMENT AND FUEL MODIFICATION PLAN. AND YET, THIS TREE REMAINS HERE TODAY…. THAT IS A CRIME…There are other Eucalyptus trees on Captain Nurse Circle. All need to be removed….

Palm Trees on Captain Nurse Circle after trimming done 10-07-14

Palm Trees on Captain Nurse Circle after trimming done 10-07-14 This is not a good job done by Cagwin & Dorward. Dry fronds still remain on these palm trees. That is not in line with our rules…And it is a waste of our money that they did such a poor job…

Australian paper bark tree- very dry and lots of peeling bark. These trees are located through out our neighborhood.. It is a very invasive non native species.

Australian paper bark tree- very dry and lots of peeling bark. These trees are located throughout Captain Nurse Circle.. It is a very invasive, non native, and high fire hazard species. This one is located right now in between building number 2 and 4. It should have been removed per the Fire Marshal’s orders…But, a lot by lot inspection never was done by Cagwin & Dorward, even though the Fire Marshal, B/C Bill Tyler, ordered it….

highfirehazardtrees082914 005

Look how close this dry high fire hazard tree is located next to this building on Captain Nurse Circle. There are many trees like this too close to the buildings on Captain Nurse Circle and all of them should be removed! This tree and many others should have been removed per the Fire Marshal’s orders. It remains in this condition to this day. It should never have been planted here and needs complete removal.That is the only way to make our community safe, by removing these trees, not just “trimming” them… These trees are prohibited, meaning they are not supposed to be here and should never have planted here in the first place per our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan.

Pictures tell the story here. These pictures are only a sampling of the high fire hazard vegetation that is growing on Captain Nurse Circle. This is a vivid example of how bad the landscaping was done at the inception of our community. This needs to be corrected! We should not be allowing the poor excuses and decisions of those people long ago to govern our right to a fire safe community today!

These pictures are referring to our governing document entitled: Meadow Park Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan Phase 1. It can be seen in its entirety at this link on  my blog:

This governing document is not available currently anywhere else although all Owners in Meadow Park are supposed to have a copy and follow its rules. The Meadow Park  HOA management does not provide a copy to the Owners. It is not anywhere on  I  tried numerous time to get one from the Meadow Park HOA. They continued to lie and deceive me for many years! Even their landscape committee did not have a copy or follow its rules!

I was fortunate to obtain this one from Clark Blasdell, CEO of North Bay Family Homes…I uploaded the complete document here on my blog.  I am providing here  immediate access  for Owners in Meadow Park and anyone else who is interested in promoting a fire safe community in Hamilton…Thank you Clark, once again!

This is important! I am sure other communities in Hamilton would be very interested in knowing about this Plan. I hope this helps others become more aware that this Plan exists although it was hidden away for many years and never put into action! And, this is only Phase 1, covering two neighborhoods (Captain Nurse Circle and March Field Court) on its Phase 1 map. The other phases apparently were never completed by Nuvis,  the landscape architect company that was contracted to create this plan. SO, there are no other maps available right now to do lot by lot inspections!