August is an Incredible Month of Change…..

Although it seemed like another boring month at the beginning, August has proven to be a real burst of positive energy coming through in my world and this affects everyone around me… I see the good changes happening and know that soon, the right people will be in control again making all the right decisions… I see everything happening the right way finally… The negative forces that have controlled us here in my world are powerless now… They have no influence on anyone or anything… They cannot make themselves useful…They will simply leave and move on and not return. Their time is done..

Now for us here in Meadow Park this is the time to be visible and outgoing… It is the time to make our words heard and not back down. The atmosphere around here is totally positive again… I see no problems at all really… It was just a waiting game and patience has won…

I see all the changes happening my way, the good way.. There is no other way now and this will not change… The negative people are really outnumbered and ignored!  What a great feeling this is, to move freely and easily in my world and have the honor and respect that I deserve… I am really happy to see this happening now… Stay tuned for more great news… One good thing happens after another and it never stops.. The good people are in control… Evil is conquered and it stays that way….Why?  Because Universal Family Healing really works!!!

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