Communication is Gone in the Meadow Park HOA..It Died A Long Time Ago

Update 10/26/15

Although meeting minutes have finally been posted through the August Board of Director’s meeting, a request by a fellow homeowner to have a newsletter sent out about the fire sprinkler system repairs has been ignored… Also, there is no message board on the HOA website… This of course was stopped over two years ago.. This HOA is in a downhill mode… Allowing the wrong people to control its actions is only going to cause further problems for a struggling HOA … And now the City of Novato is getting more involved once again… So, although things are not that good for them (the HOA bunch), things are very good for me… I continue to blog here privately and that feels very good indeed! And BTW there is now a whopping 44 views and 428 KB for 2015 meeting minutes!

Update: 09/27/2015

As of this date, there has been a total of 38 views of the 2015 meeting minutes, but no change in what the property management company posted. The last minutes available online are still from March….(320 KB)… No additional minutes were ever added….It is now September 27, 2015 and four Board meetings have been held since March… That is the truth! Communication in this HOA is the worst it has ever been…

Update: 08/27/2015

There have been only 33 views of the 2015 Board meeting minutes on the HOA’s website… The last meeting minutes available there are from the March Board meeting.. The minutes from May and July’s meeting are not posted…It is now August 27….Hmm….

Need I say more? Communication continues to be the poorest anywhere in an HOA….You cannot believe the bad customer service we have with Wakefield Sharp… Agendas are not posted properly on the website either… Board meeting minutes are not posted… I had to make a complaint about this to the California State Attorney General’s office a few years ago because the management company/HOA was not following the laws regarding this communication…I am not going through that again.. You would think that would have changed the way Wakefield Sharp does business, but it did nothing…

Sooner or later, this HOA will evolve beyond Wakefield Sharp…That is inevitable…. But for now , we all wait patiently until Board meeting minutes are made available to the homeowners…


There is no communication in our HOA…. We homeowners do not know what is going on… Homeowners are worried that our fire sprinkler systems will never be repaired now… The HOA management continues to  be in the way of our repairs…

There is no way to improve this either… It is clear now because the minutes from May’s meeting still do not appear on the HOA website… That is right…May’s meeting… And there was another meeting in July too… We do not even know who is on our Board of Directors, We were not informed of the election results.. The HOA website is extremely out of date.. The last time the Board of Director’s section was updated was March 2014

The HOA management has not communicated with us at all. The management is leaving us at a high risk for a major fire disaster because of this lack of communication and involvement in our contracted arrangement..

This HOA is falling apart…

I guess I will try contacting Mr. Grunt personally now:

Julia Angel <>

7:44 AM (1 minute ago)

to hgrunt, Nate

Mr. Grunt,

Please help!
You are the only one who knows what is really going on in our HOA.
There is no communication anywhere..Our message boards are gone from the HOA website…
We homeowners are in the dark about this fire sprinkler system situation. There has not been any communication to the homeowners about when the repairs are being done…..There are no minutes posted on the HOA website either from the May’s meeting…
Exxell Fire Systems is being ignored by Wakefield Sharp too..Emails and phone calls go unanswered for weeks…
This is very serious and unnerving as you can understand…
I am hoping that you will help move things along..At least provide better communication to the homeowners somehow.
 Wakefield Sharp has not been helpful at all. Please replace them immediately…
Thank You

Hans Grunt via

7:43 AM (3 minutes ago)
to me

I will be out of the office August 10th through 13th and the City Administrative Office is closed August 14th. I’ll be back in my office on Monday, August 17, 2015 to respond to email.

Mr. Grunt is not available either.. I am hoping that a fire emergency does not happen during this time… If our fire sprinkler systems were not installed properly, it is not our fault… The City of Novato needs to get involved at this point and ensure that our fire sprinkler systems are working properly!

I am going to email the Novato city council directly: Pat Eklund:


Julia Angel <>

8:07 AM (1 hour ago)

to pat, Nate
Dear Pat,
I am a Meadow Park homeowner. I want you to be aware of a very serious problem within our HOA which I feel does involve the City of Novato directly..
Please take some time to read my community blog… It is all about the
I started this blog last year because things are so bad here.
We are in a very serious communication deficit right now here in Meadow Park..
The message boards were removed from our HOA website 2 years ago.. There is no way for the homeowners to interact..
Our fire sprinkler systems were not installed properly...Thank goodness Exxell Fire Systems detected this situation earlier this year…
And the HOA management is not doing its job to help fix this mess..(ie Wakefield Sharp)
Can you intervene at all? Can you discuss this at a City Council meeting?
Hans Grunt is out-of-town right now
He sits on our board.
Thank you,