Another Meeting Has Been Scheduled: Tuesday the 25th…More Slow Progress In Fire Sprinkler System Repairs


Of course there is nothing new to post about… The long holiday weekend is about to end… Then another week goes by and another board meeting on September 15… This saga goes on and on like some worn out melodrama…. The in-fighting among the board members is getting intense… And we homeowners are the ones suffering as a result!   What a bunch of hypocrites… First they approve the fire sprinkler system inspections and then fight about the repairs when the real truth is known… (instead of being pro-active and forward thinking in getting this job done)…. Ho hum… Boring….


Just got this update from Exxell Fire Systems. Apparently there is some debate going on (still) over the pricing of the repairs… This means there is disagreement among the Board members… Not good! This lack of responsibility in approving our repairs in a timely manner is making our homes at a high fire hazard risk…

I am not happy about this and neither are the over 200 homeowners still needing repairs on their fire sprinkler systems… This has gone on long enough…


Still no word about the repairs. I emailed Exxell Fire Systems again to find out of anything has changed…Silence reigns and our fire sprinkler systems are not working.. What if a real fire hazard happens right now?

And I am just finding out that the Master Certificate of Insurance linked on the HOA’s website ( is not adequate in some way…This has to do with fire liability… Stay tuned for more info about that!




This Board meeting was held one week ago and there has not been any word yet about the status of the fire sprinkler system repairs… This information is not being communicated anywhere to the Meadow Park homeowners.. I checked with Nate at Exxell Fire Systems last week and he had not heard a thing… So we are still waiting on the progress( if any) of the repairs… I encouraged Nate to call Wakefield Sharp and follow-up… It is now the beginning of September…… We have not had anything done to fix our broken fire sprinkler systems….That is the current situation here, sad but true…

Agenda for the Meadow Park Board meeting on August 25, 2015

Agenda for the Meadow Park Board meeting on August 25, 2015

08/25/2015: Today is a momentous occasion.. The Board of Directors is actually talking about the fire sprinkler systems again! I verified this by obtaining an agenda in the hanging file located on Bolling Drive right before entrance to Captain Nurse Circle.. The management company (Wakefield Sharp) never updated the link to this agenda online.. (It remains a bad link) …

Good thing I checked down the street and found that they had placed a few copies of this agenda in the hanging file or we would not know what was being discussed… I was able to scan this agenda and post it right here on my blog so anyone can view it…Now we are all assured that the fire sprinkler systems are being addressed again at an open board meeting this very afternoon… I hope that the Board approves the repairs as this has gone on long enough… We know what the problems are.. Let’s get this mess taken care of in a timely fashion so we can all rest easier at night….I want our community to have well-known status as a fire safe community with five-year fire sprinkler system certifications on every fire sprinkler system in Meadow Park….

That vision is now becoming a reality…

08/23/2015: I found this agenda in the hanging file on Bolling Drive:

Agenda for the Meadow Park Board meeting on August 25, 2015

Agenda for the Meadow Park Board meeting on August 25, 2015

08/19/15: This was added to the HOA’s website yesterday:

8/25/2015 – Meadow Park HOA Board Meeting
Click here for more information

Time: 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Location: Wakefield Sharp – 27 Pamaron Way, Ste A

Event Added By : Mark Sharp

But when you click on the “click here for more information” link you get this 404 error message:

“Sorry for the interruption but the requested file or directory could not be found.

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So, there is a meeting scheduled but the agenda is not available online…..The link to the agenda is not working….What’s up with you guys there at Wakefield Sharp? Why aren’t you checking your links again?

08/18/15: The Meadow Park Board of Directors is supposed to be meeting one week from today  to make final decisions on how to proceed with the fire sprinkler system repairs..This meeting is an additional meeting for the Board of Directors as they usually only meet once every two months… There is no advertising of this meeting anywhere and no announcement on the HOA’s website.. It was only because I was persistent in my efforts to get this mess cleaned up that we even know this meeting was scheduled..It is all being done very quietly and undercover….Where is the meeting being held and what time does it start? I do not know…Homeowners do not know where this meeting is taking place and at what time… We are in the dark as usual…

08/14/15: Thank goodness I intervened this week to get things moving again in our fire sprinkler system certification process. We have no communication right now from the HOA management to follow this progress.. The only place that you can read about it is here on my blog… Even the contractors from Exxell Fire Systems did not know what was going on…

The poor communication and customer service we constantly receive from Wakefield Sharp has undermined this whole project… It is taking months and months to get this job done because of their lack of assistance and prompt communication … And because of this all of our homes remain at a high fire hazard disadvantage due to poorly installed fire sprinkler systems…And many homeowners did not even cooperate with this inspection… It was not explained thoroughly enough by the management from the beginning…

I am documenting the whole fiasco right here.. I will continue to document everything until this project is completed and Wakefield Sharp is terminated from our community….

08/11/15 2:09 PM: I just received a very important email from Exxell Fire Systems..(Nate Hargitt)..

Nate told me that he called them again today, 08/11/15,  (i.e. Wakefield Sharp) and was told that another Meadow Park Board meeting has been scheduled in two weeks to make a final decision on the repairs…This meeting is a follow-up to the one in July… Well, at least Nate found out something was discussed at the July meeting… Now we are all waiting AGAIN for this follow-up meeting to hopefully approve all the needed repairs…….

Good! Maybe my little interventions today had an important impact on this sudden scheduled event… I always know when to do a little bit more… Now at least the Board is totally involved in this and will discuss and hopefully finalize all the issues…

So for now, I am letting this issue go…

I expect that by the end of this month or early in September, we really will be getting our fire sprinkler systems repaired…

This situation has not been simple…

This situation has taken a very long time to get this far….Too long….

This situation is not funny or humorous….

This situation is extremely important and should be looked at and dealt with accordingly..

This matter is now in the hands of the Meadow Park Board of Directors, where it should be, finally….

I look forward to my corrections appointment as many of us do…