About Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer


You have found me here on the Internet because you are interested in the Owner Occupied Meadow Park Townhome Community in Novato, CA. I have lived in this community for almost 10 years. I have made this web site a safe and comfortable place on the Internet to post and talk about our community. Maybe you are like me too. I want to share my concerns in the public arena. There are problems concerning the fire safety program affecting our community. There are problems regarding the mishandling of our monies. Owners are not following our CC&Rs and the management enables this practice too. The reason this happened is that the same people have been in control of our HOA for the past 7 years or so. These people are stuck and narrow minded. They are the wrong people for these positions of power.

They removed the message board from the Meadow Park HOA’s website in the July, 2013. They removed important governing documents from the HOA website too. They post documents there that are not our governing documents. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? That message board was really the only way for the Owner’s to communicate. But now we have this blog site. And I will make sure that it never goes away.

A little about me: I was a professional nurse for over thirty years (MSN, CNS). I retired from that profession in 2012. I am a very powerful Universe Family Healer. That is really who I am. And knowing that about myself has allowed me to be here today, survive what I have lived through, and post all about it. I have a personal blog about my own healing/purging journey here on wordpress: http://www.firsthealer.com.

I hope this blog helps other people understand that a stable, safe, and secure home is very important for human life. And homes need to be taken care of or they can just disappear right before your eyes. It is easy to get noncommittal and silent about things like rules and regulations these days. The Meadow Park CC&R rules are here to keep our community safe and at a very livable standard. Once the rules start being ignored, a negative living situation sets in. This negativity needs to be removed from our community. I purge out this negativity all the time. It is a spiritual energy layer that has enabled the wrong people to be in control. That is changing.