Another Board Meeting 09/15/15: Fire Sprinkler Systems Discussed Again….


There is no news to update about…One week after the most recent board meeting and silence reigns again… Exxell Fire Systems has not been contacted at all …The board meeting minutes remain missing… There is nothing being said anywhere… I did ask for some help from Eric Lucan, Novato City Council member and he forwarded my emails along to the City Manager’s office… That is all I can say today… The wait continues to have our fire sprinkler systems repaired and certified…Hopefully, we will not have a fire emergency occur while we wait and wait for the repair work to be approved…


Hey, I just wanted to add that the meeting agenda for yesterday’s board  meeting was supposedly put on the HOA’s website on 09/09/15, but this is being very deceiving. It was not posted on that date.  There was no meeting agenda posted there on 09/09/15….

It was posted there yesterday (09/15/15) and the date was changed to make it look like it was posted on the 9th…

Naughty, naughty, naughty… We all know that you guys do things the wrong way over and over..

And the minutes remain missing…. Where are they?


Today is another Meadow Park Board meeting (ho-hum). I posted the agenda here because it was not made available on the HOA’s website. Wakefield Sharp only does as little as possible to get the word out. They put about three or four copies of this agenda in two hanging files around Meadow Park. One of those hanging files happens to be just down the street from Captain Nurse Circle so I usually check there if nothing is found online…And usually I am the only one who has accessed this location…

I personally do not attend any Board meetings like most of the homeowners here. But I do like to be kept informed of what is happening…That is my right as a homeowner…I am not required to go to the meetings just to find out what is happening…

So, I found the agenda last Friday, took a copy of it, and scanned it for posting…Now anyone can see it right here on my blog.. And, here on my blog, you do not need a username or password to see the agenda..

But again, this is not the kind of customer service we deserve… We pay Wakefield Sharp every month for their management services… We expect them to provide a guaranteed level of service for their fees. We do not get that guaranteed service..

Meeting minutes are not posted in a timely manner.. Now they will have many excuses about this, but the situation remains that meeting minutes are not posted anywhere for the public to see…The last minutes that are posted right now are from March 2015!!

So, it is very hard to really know what is going on in this place.. And it is because we have very little customer service from this management company, Wakefield Sharp. And until this management company is changed, communications will continue to be poor in our HOA and community… That is reality right now…

When I tried to advertise my blog, I was shut down by this group in control… They (Wakefield Sharp) paid this guy to roam around and remove my flyers from the mailboxes throughout Meadow Park..They do not want anyone to know about my blog because all I do is post the truth….And corrupt businesses like Wakefield Sharp do not like the truth to be told…Shameful…

This is the agenda for the September 2015 Meadow Park board of Directors meeting...I found this in the hanging file on Bolling Drive.. it is not posted on the HOA's website..

This is the agenda for the September 2015 Meadow Park Board of Directors meeting. I found this in the hanging file on Bolling Drive. it is not posted on the HOA’s website anywhere…

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