HOA Rules About Renting and Parking: Why Are They Being Ignored Still?

UPDATE 10/26/15

The very same Fed Ex Express truck is again parked across the street from my home… This activity continues to go on, Monday through Friday.. He seems to think he can come  home and park this Fed EX Express truck here whenever he wants to…… It is not stopping because this illegal parking activity is being allowed by the HOA management company Wakefield Sharp as I previously have blogged… I am simply continuing to document all episodes of illegal parking activities as a homeowner in good standing who was totally ignored when I voiced my concerns here…I hope that soon, this will change for the good…

UPDATE 10/23/15

I am just documenting once again that today, at 11:45 AM, this Fed Ex Express truck parked right in front of my home… This is illegal according to our parking rules which states that trucks cannot park here at any time for any reason other than a very brief delivery time period.

Right now it is 12:15 PM and this truck will most likely be parked here for over one hour. This illegal parking activity has continued non-stop since April 2014 and Meadow Park’s management company, Wakefield Sharp, specifically allows this to occur… In fact, Mark Sharp wrote a lengthy letter stating that this was an “exception” to our rules… This is all I am saying about this activity.. It continues on and on as if it is OK…

It is now 12:35 PM and the Fed Ex Express truck just left….

I am the witness that sees it every day and documents its occurrence right here on Meadow Park Community Blog……

UPDATE 10/08/15

Although this post is concerning important rules about parking and renting, the HOA’s parking rules continue to be ignored totally by the HOA management…

As of this date, a delivery truck continues to park for over one hour each day in the front of my home… This is specifically against our parking rules…. A camper continues to park illegally at the end of my street, in violation of our parking rules… An abandoned vehicle has remained in the same visitor parking location for months and months without being towed… Now, all of these issues are being allowed by the HOA management… They do absolutely nothing and in fact have encouraged the practice of illegal parking here on Captain Nurse Circle… That is the truth…

If the Meadow Park HOA management was really doing their job for us about enforcing our CC&R parking rules , I would not be making this update today…

I have all the documentation and photos I need to prove that this illegal activity continues unchallenged by the HOA management… I will continue to document illegal parking activities on Captain Nurse Circle until the HOA management is addressing their legal responsibilities appropriately and consistently… This is the CC&R governing our parking rules:

3.4 Vehicle and Parking Restrictions. No mobile home, camper, or recreational vehicle, boat, truck (other than pickup trucks that do not exceed three-quarter ton) or similar equipment shall be parked or stored at anytime within the Development (including on any public rights-of-way) except trucks parked on a temporary basis for purposes of loading or unloading.

Occupants shall park their vehicles in their assigned carport spaces so that unassigned Association Property parking spaces are available primarily for guest parking. No parking space may be converted into any use that would prevent its use as a parking space. The Board may adopt Rules regulating parking in the unassigned spaces, including regulations that prohibit occupants from parking in all or parts of these areas, so that the spaces are available exclusively for guest parking. The Rules may not prohibIt the use of unassigned parking spaces by agents
of the Continuum or the Transitional Housing Operators while performing services related to the ownership of the Transitional Housing Condominiums or the support services authorized, under Section 3.1.


I am updating this topic because there seems to a general interest in this problem still. I have been so focused on the fire safety issues, but of course illegal renting and illegal parking continues to go on and on here on Captain Nurse Circle. I am assuming it is rampant in other areas of Meadow Park too. The HOA has a lot of power to enforce our rules. It is a governing body that legally can cite and fine these people who are disobeying our CC&Rs…

I am here to state that all of the problems continue! I have blogged about all of them before  and done whatever I could to inform the HOA and other enforcement agencies. Those agencies like Hello Housing have been given full authority by the City of Novato to seek legal action against those Owners who are renting their Meadow Park homes out for profit.. Illegal renting has not stopped!! The buses are still taking those developmentally disabled people back and forth all the time to their work places. The Owners who are using their home as a “licensed foster care for up to 8” are still doing it… There are people who are renting rooms to friends and foreign exchange students.. All of this is being allowed by the HOA!  It is well-known that these problems persist.

Illegal parking by trucks and campers and giving some people special privileges to ignore our parking rules continue on Captain Nurse Circle. I witness it all the time. It has not stopped! The HOA has allowed this illegal parking activity to go on and on, so these people think it is OK to ignore rules and be the “special people” who live here…. The HOA management think they can do anything they want to ignore our rules. There has not been any election to vote on a rules change… Thus the current HOA management needs to be fired so a new group of law-abiding Owners and managers can be put into place….

What a concept!! Let’s clean house and get things back into reality.. We are not living a real life here on Captain Nurse Circle.. These bad Owners do not deserve this special treatment, whether it is illegal renting or parking.. They are not special at all. They are just law breakers!

2015 Meeting Minutes Still Missing: Wakefield Sharp Needs to Go….

All right people, this is reality…

They have not posted the following Board meeting minutes on the Meadow Park HOA’s website:

May 2015 Board Meeting

July 2015 Board Meeting

August 2015 Board Meeting

September 2015 Board Meeting

Now this is against the law.. I made several complaints about this two years ago to the CA State Attorney General’s office…

This management company, Wakefield Sharp, continues to stop all communication between homeowners here in Meadow Park… Just check out the HOA’s website.. What a joke it is…There is no way to communicate with other homeowners here (see below).

Meadow Park Website Etiquette and Usage Guidelines

Meadow Park Website Etiquette and Usage Guidelines

There are no blogs or message boards available on the Meadow Park HOA website… The message boards were removed over two years ago in July 2013 and never replaced. It is a sham

The HOA website is so full of inaccuracies…Important documents like the Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan are not even posted. I had to do this myself on this blog…


The management continues to ignore this important document and not provide it to homeowners…

Wakefield Sharp remains the only entity in control of this…

This property management company should be fired ASAP… Who is going to finally take control of this mess and get rid of Wakefield Sharp?   We do not want them in control of our money…..That is for sure!

Meadow Park is Finally Getting Something It Deserves….Respect!

Well, from the looks of the spike in my stats, and that the fact that a Board meeting was just held, it seems that the evil doers are at work again trying to undermine what I do… But it does not work. You see, blogging and telling the truth is perfectly legal these days… And that is what I do… I access and tell important people in our community about this too.  I make the truth be known for everyone who reads my blog…

I see that there are other good people trying to figure out what is going on in this HOA…I know this because I see a gradual increase in the number of  views of the minutes on the HOA’s website… There are a few good people like me trying to find out what is going on… and finding it impossible to do so….

This document shows how many views of the minutes have occurred...

This document shows how many views of the minutes have occurred…

There have been only 37 views of the meeting minutes thus far this year. The minutes posted on the HOA’s website include only the January and March meeting minutes… None of the other meeting minutes are posted still, including May, July, and August…I know this because 320KB includes only those two meeting minutes from January and March. As more minutes are added the, the KBs are increased…Where are the missing minutes?

The evil doers that continue to make our community negative do not like this…

The evil doers continue to assume they are in complete control…

The evil doers think they can “shut down” my blog…

They cannot legally do this…

But in their little world of fantasy they think they can…… Their little negative world is small and weak now…

My real world is powerful and real…

So, no matter what they do and how many times they access my blog and feverishly print out all of the documents I have posted, it is for naught… The evil ones are totally ineffective…

I laugh and laugh at them all the time, for I know they are ineffective and it is real and painful for them to know that they will be gone soon….

Too bad evil ones… I am here and and always will be, no matter what you do…. You are done…

Because all I really have to do is pay my monthly HOA assessment fees and I am doing that…There are no “collection issues” with me… But there are many other real collection issues that the evil ones continue to ignore….

And the Marin County Superior Court judge will  just smile and laugh right in their faces as this case is dismissed forever….

Where’s the Missing President? Oh, it’s John Bruner!

UPDATE: 09/11/15

Well, it looks like John finally got promoted  to President …Congratulations John! How things change so quickly around here…Now, it seems we have an official President, Secretary, Treasurer, At Large, and City Rep Meadow Park Board of Directors, no VP though…(Do not look at me, I am not available….). This means that official business can take place… Let’s see, here is a very good to do list:

(1) Get those fire sprinkler systems repaired!

(2) Get rid of those illegal renters!

(3) Get rid of Wakefield Sharp!

(4) Lower those monthly assessments, at least by half, and make sure every homeowner is aware that they are to do their own landscape maintenance (per CC&R 4.2) from now on…..

That is a very good to do list….

Updated information (09-10-15) regarding Meadow Park's current Board of Directors...

Updated information (09-10-15) regarding Meadow Park’s current Board of Directors…

Funny how things change when I post on my blog.. It kind of feels like that Myst game where they just wrote stuff and it became reality… Funny…


This was added yesterday on the HOA's website. Apparently we still do not have a president... John Bruner remains the vice president... Where is the missing president?

This was added yesterday on the HOA’s website. Apparently we still do not have a president… John Bruner remains the vice president… Where is the missing president?

We have not had a president of our HOA for many years… This is illegal yet Wakefield Sharp acts as if it is legal and valid… I am sharing this web page with the public so that we all can see that this Board is a sham… This board has not had a president for many years!… That is the truth…

And it is so funny that this was finally put up on the website right after my post yesterday… But, the meeting minutes are still missing…

And no meeting agenda has been published as of this date for the September 15 board meeting…

Ho hum, another boring month to look forward to in the life of the Meadow Park HOA…..

Another Meeting Has Been Scheduled: Tuesday the 25th…More Slow Progress In Fire Sprinkler System Repairs


Of course there is nothing new to post about… The long holiday weekend is about to end… Then another week goes by and another board meeting on September 15… This saga goes on and on like some worn out melodrama…. The in-fighting among the board members is getting intense… And we homeowners are the ones suffering as a result!   What a bunch of hypocrites… First they approve the fire sprinkler system inspections and then fight about the repairs when the real truth is known… (instead of being pro-active and forward thinking in getting this job done)…. Ho hum… Boring….


Just got this update from Exxell Fire Systems. Apparently there is some debate going on (still) over the pricing of the repairs… This means there is disagreement among the Board members… Not good! This lack of responsibility in approving our repairs in a timely manner is making our homes at a high fire hazard risk…

I am not happy about this and neither are the over 200 homeowners still needing repairs on their fire sprinkler systems… This has gone on long enough…


Still no word about the repairs. I emailed Exxell Fire Systems again to find out of anything has changed…Silence reigns and our fire sprinkler systems are not working.. What if a real fire hazard happens right now?

And I am just finding out that the Master Certificate of Insurance linked on the HOA’s website ( http://insurancecert.com/willis/search.asp) is not adequate in some way…This has to do with fire liability… Stay tuned for more info about that!




This Board meeting was held one week ago and there has not been any word yet about the status of the fire sprinkler system repairs… This information is not being communicated anywhere to the Meadow Park homeowners.. I checked with Nate at Exxell Fire Systems last week and he had not heard a thing… So we are still waiting on the progress( if any) of the repairs… I encouraged Nate to call Wakefield Sharp and follow-up… It is now the beginning of September…… We have not had anything done to fix our broken fire sprinkler systems….That is the current situation here, sad but true…

Agenda for the Meadow Park Board meeting on August 25, 2015

Agenda for the Meadow Park Board meeting on August 25, 2015

08/25/2015: Today is a momentous occasion.. The Board of Directors is actually talking about the fire sprinkler systems again! I verified this by obtaining an agenda in the hanging file located on Bolling Drive right before entrance to Captain Nurse Circle.. The management company (Wakefield Sharp) never updated the link to this agenda online.. (It remains a bad link) …

Good thing I checked down the street and found that they had placed a few copies of this agenda in the hanging file or we would not know what was being discussed… I was able to scan this agenda and post it right here on my blog so anyone can view it…Now we are all assured that the fire sprinkler systems are being addressed again at an open board meeting this very afternoon… I hope that the Board approves the repairs as this has gone on long enough… We know what the problems are.. Let’s get this mess taken care of in a timely fashion so we can all rest easier at night….I want our community to have well-known status as a fire safe community with five-year fire sprinkler system certifications on every fire sprinkler system in Meadow Park….

That vision is now becoming a reality…

08/23/2015: I found this agenda in the hanging file on Bolling Drive:

Agenda for the Meadow Park Board meeting on August 25, 2015

Agenda for the Meadow Park Board meeting on August 25, 2015

08/19/15: This was added to the HOA’s website yesterday:

8/25/2015 – Meadow Park HOA Board Meeting
Click here for more information

Time: 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Location: Wakefield Sharp – 27 Pamaron Way, Ste A

Event Added By : Mark Sharp

But when you click on the “click here for more information” link you get this 404 error message:

“Sorry for the interruption but the requested file or directory could not be found.

If you navigated to this page via a Favorite, a Bookmark, or manually entering the URL into your browser’s address bar, please check the URL for errors and try again.

If you navigated to this page via a Search Engine result or a link within the site, please contact your website administrator for assistance in resolving the error.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

404 Error: File or Directory Not Found
The file or directory you are attempting to access cannot be found.

Go Back

So, there is a meeting scheduled but the agenda is not available online…..The link to the agenda is not working….What’s up with you guys there at Wakefield Sharp? Why aren’t you checking your links again?

08/18/15: The Meadow Park Board of Directors is supposed to be meeting one week from today  to make final decisions on how to proceed with the fire sprinkler system repairs..This meeting is an additional meeting for the Board of Directors as they usually only meet once every two months… There is no advertising of this meeting anywhere and no announcement on the HOA’s website.. It was only because I was persistent in my efforts to get this mess cleaned up that we even know this meeting was scheduled..It is all being done very quietly and undercover….Where is the meeting being held and what time does it start? I do not know…Homeowners do not know where this meeting is taking place and at what time… We are in the dark as usual…

08/14/15: Thank goodness I intervened this week to get things moving again in our fire sprinkler system certification process. We have no communication right now from the HOA management to follow this progress.. The only place that you can read about it is here on my blog… Even the contractors from Exxell Fire Systems did not know what was going on…

The poor communication and customer service we constantly receive from Wakefield Sharp has undermined this whole project… It is taking months and months to get this job done because of their lack of assistance and prompt communication … And because of this all of our homes remain at a high fire hazard disadvantage due to poorly installed fire sprinkler systems…And many homeowners did not even cooperate with this inspection… It was not explained thoroughly enough by the management from the beginning…

I am documenting the whole fiasco right here.. I will continue to document everything until this project is completed and Wakefield Sharp is terminated from our community….

08/11/15 2:09 PM: I just received a very important email from Exxell Fire Systems..(Nate Hargitt)..

Nate told me that he called them again today, 08/11/15,  (i.e. Wakefield Sharp) and was told that another Meadow Park Board meeting has been scheduled in two weeks to make a final decision on the repairs…This meeting is a follow-up to the one in July… Well, at least Nate found out something was discussed at the July meeting… Now we are all waiting AGAIN for this follow-up meeting to hopefully approve all the needed repairs…….

Good! Maybe my little interventions today had an important impact on this sudden scheduled event… I always know when to do a little bit more… Now at least the Board is totally involved in this and will discuss and hopefully finalize all the issues…

So for now, I am letting this issue go…

I expect that by the end of this month or early in September, we really will be getting our fire sprinkler systems repaired…

This situation has not been simple…

This situation has taken a very long time to get this far….Too long….

This situation is not funny or humorous….

This situation is extremely important and should be looked at and dealt with accordingly..

This matter is now in the hands of the Meadow Park Board of Directors, where it should be, finally….

I look forward to my corrections appointment as many of us do…

The Landscape is Unsafe on Captain Nurse Circle…. NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

Update: 09/27/15

Nothing has improved here yet! The bad trees remain untouched…

Update: 08/27/2015

Four months ago I made this post to continue documenting an unsafe and extremely high fire hazard situation in my neighborhood.. I am reporting again that nothing changed the right way... Instead, I see the HOA authorizing more high fire hazard wood chips described as “mulch” spread all over our landscape… The trees that are very volatile and dry with peeling bark and dead branches remain here untouched. I am referring to the Eucalyptus and Paperbark trees of Australian origin.. These are non-native high fire hazard trees allowed to remain in my residential neighborhood… There are way too many of these trees here.. All of them should have been removed a long time ago!

And yes, we have rules against this, but the rules are being ignored still.. Sadly, the HOA is in the dark ages still… Hiring an outdated landscape maintenance company like Jensen to do things the old-fashioned way: using herbicides and chopping down all of the living and growing healthy and low fire hazard vegetation.. Oh, and I also blogged about the time they left the sprinklers on for over 9 hours…..I reported that water wasting incident to the North Marin Water District…I sure hope we did not have to pay that water bill…

Why are these landscapers still here? Good question…

I observed a very bad “landscape maintenance activity” yesterday in my neighbor’s exclusive use common area landscaping attached to her front patio… This landscaped area is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain, not the HOA’s! A landscaper from Jensen used his power tools to chop down a very healthy and thriving Jasmine vine.. It looks like a war weapon hit it… It was so beautiful and fragrant.  This plant is allowed according to our vegetation rules….Now it looks like it is barely alive….

This is a disgrace..

And these people at Jensen should all be fired and replaced with a good group of organic landscapers … That is where we are right now in much of the country… No one likes the fact that they are using herbicides whenever they feel like it…With no thought given to the people and animals who live here…Disgraceful! But here in Meadow Park, Jensen took over from Cagwin & Dorward and continued doing things wrong at a very high price.. These landscapers cost us $16,000.00 per month.. What a horrendous waste of money that is….We are constantly being overcharged by the HOA because the landscape maintenance company is being told to do all of the landscape maintenance! Even the part that is the homeowner’s responsibility…

What a bunch of idiots these management people are…But their time is ending soon….  


Eucalyptus Tree in the middle of Captain Nurse Circle

Eucalyptus Tree in the middle of Captain Nurse Circle

Australian Paperbark tree in full bloom- This is not a California Pepper Tree!

Australian Paperbark tree in full bloom This is not a California Pepper Tree!

Australian Paperbark trees lined up in the middle of Captain Nurse Circle

Australian Paperbark trees lined up in the middle of Captain Nurse Circle

I have blogged about this problem so many times!  I am stating this here for documentation purposes that the management of this HOA has not fulfilled its responsibility. It has not adhered to the Meadow Park Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan Phase One (hereafter to be referred to as the Plan) which prohibits these types of trees on our street….Phase One refers to Captain Nurse Circle and March Field Court, (according to the map included in this Plan). These trees are strictly in violation of our Plan….

Nothing was ever done to make sure that these high fire hazard trees on our street were removed no matter how many times I notified the HOA management and complained….NOTHING! I have contacted every authority available about this situation and got the complete run around…The City of Novato was responsible at the get go for making sure the Plan was in place and the neighborhood was ready for homeownership .. The City of Novato failed to do this…These trees were allowed to stay here in direct violation of our Plan!

The Australian Paperbark trees are in full bloom and doing quite well… This tree is high fire hazard, invasive, and non-native. It is a very bad tree for our landscape.. Why is it here? Many states in the US are prohibiting it altogether.. It is not good to have these trees here….Yet it is in high-profile right now and in full bloom with its white bottle brushes because the Novato Fire Marshal called it a California Pepper Tree.. I know the difference between those two trees… I am not stupid..

And that huge Eucalyptus tree remains in the center of Captain Nurse Circle. This tree has been there since the early days and was left there when our homes were built. Does that make any sense at all? Why wasn’t it removed before our homes were built? Who decided to leave this high fire hazard, prohibited tree in the middle of our street? There are other Eucalyptus trees here too… It is a crime, do you understand!…All these bad trees lined up in the middle of our street:. the Paperbark and Eucalyptus make our street in danger of a fire ..It seems like these people want us to have a fire here.. That is what it looks like to me…A set up for a fire disaster…

So, that is all I am saying one more time.. These trees remain here and it is in violation of our rules, especially the Plan, Phase One.. which was developed many years ago to protect the homeowners here on Captain Nurse Circle…These people and agencies: the City of Novato, the Novato Fire Protection District, and the Meadow Park HOA Board Members,(including Wakefield Sharp Property Management) have failed to provide a safe living environment ..These people and agencies continue to ignore the reality of this construction tragedy that was never properly handled… And still is not being corrected to this day! This is a scam, a sham, a complete disgusting mess and it needs to be talked about openly.. So I am here to do it, over and over again until positive change occurs..


Here is the link to this document. Read it thoroughly as it describes in detail what is supposed to done to create a safe and fire free environment..


And of course the HOA management is keeping this document a secret.. The HOA management is not providing any information about this document to the homeowners.. That is why I have posted it here on my blog… I continually thank Clark Blasdell, the CEO of North Bay Family Homes for giving me an original copy of this Plan last summer…

Communication is Gone in the Meadow Park HOA..It Died A Long Time Ago

Update 10/26/15

Although meeting minutes have finally been posted through the August Board of Director’s meeting, a request by a fellow homeowner to have a newsletter sent out about the fire sprinkler system repairs has been ignored… Also, there is no message board on the HOA website… This of course was stopped over two years ago.. This HOA is in a downhill mode… Allowing the wrong people to control its actions is only going to cause further problems for a struggling HOA … And now the City of Novato is getting more involved once again… So, although things are not that good for them (the HOA bunch), things are very good for me… I continue to blog here privately and that feels very good indeed! And BTW there is now a whopping 44 views and 428 KB for 2015 meeting minutes!

Update: 09/27/2015

As of this date, there has been a total of 38 views of the 2015 meeting minutes, but no change in what the property management company posted. The last minutes available online are still from March….(320 KB)… No additional minutes were ever added….It is now September 27, 2015 and four Board meetings have been held since March… That is the truth! Communication in this HOA is the worst it has ever been…

Update: 08/27/2015

There have been only 33 views of the 2015 Board meeting minutes on the HOA’s website… The last meeting minutes available there are from the March Board meeting.. The minutes from May and July’s meeting are not posted…It is now August 27….Hmm….

Need I say more? Communication continues to be the poorest anywhere in an HOA….You cannot believe the bad customer service we have with Wakefield Sharp… Agendas are not posted properly on the website either… Board meeting minutes are not posted… I had to make a complaint about this to the California State Attorney General’s office a few years ago because the management company/HOA was not following the laws regarding this communication…I am not going through that again.. You would think that would have changed the way Wakefield Sharp does business, but it did nothing…

Sooner or later, this HOA will evolve beyond Wakefield Sharp…That is inevitable…. But for now , we all wait patiently until Board meeting minutes are made available to the homeowners…


There is no communication in our HOA…. We homeowners do not know what is going on… Homeowners are worried that our fire sprinkler systems will never be repaired now… The HOA management continues to  be in the way of our repairs…

There is no way to improve this either… It is clear now because the minutes from May’s meeting still do not appear on the HOA website… That is right…May’s meeting… And there was another meeting in July too… We do not even know who is on our Board of Directors, We were not informed of the election results.. The HOA website is extremely out of date.. The last time the Board of Director’s section was updated was March 2014

The HOA management has not communicated with us at all. The management is leaving us at a high risk for a major fire disaster because of this lack of communication and involvement in our contracted arrangement..

This HOA is falling apart…

I guess I will try contacting Mr. Grunt personally now:

Julia Angel <firsthealer@gmail.com>

7:44 AM (1 minute ago)

to hgrunt, Nate

Mr. Grunt,

Please help!
You are the only one who knows what is really going on in our HOA.
There is no communication anywhere..Our message boards are gone from the HOA website…
We homeowners are in the dark about this fire sprinkler system situation. There has not been any communication to the homeowners about when the repairs are being done…..There are no minutes posted on the HOA website either from the May’s meeting…
Exxell Fire Systems is being ignored by Wakefield Sharp too..Emails and phone calls go unanswered for weeks…
This is very serious and unnerving as you can understand…
I am hoping that you will help move things along..At least provide better communication to the homeowners somehow.
 Wakefield Sharp has not been helpful at all. Please replace them immediately…
Thank You

Hans Grunt via access1.marinapps.net

7:43 AM (3 minutes ago)
to me

I will be out of the office August 10th through 13th and the City Administrative Office is closed August 14th. I’ll be back in my office on Monday, August 17, 2015 to respond to email.

Mr. Grunt is not available either.. I am hoping that a fire emergency does not happen during this time… If our fire sprinkler systems were not installed properly, it is not our fault… The City of Novato needs to get involved at this point and ensure that our fire sprinkler systems are working properly!

I am going to email the Novato city council directly: Pat Eklund:


Julia Angel <firsthealer@gmail.com>

8:07 AM (1 hour ago)

to pat, Nate
Dear Pat,
I am a Meadow Park homeowner. I want you to be aware of a very serious problem within our HOA which I feel does involve the City of Novato directly..
Please take some time to read my community blog… It is all about the truth..www.meadowparkcommunityblog.wordpress.com
I started this blog last year because things are so bad here.
We are in a very serious communication deficit right now here in Meadow Park..
The message boards were removed from our HOA website 2 years ago.. There is no way for the homeowners to interact..
Our fire sprinkler systems were not installed properly...Thank goodness Exxell Fire Systems detected this situation earlier this year…
And the HOA management is not doing its job to help fix this mess..(ie Wakefield Sharp)
Can you intervene at all? Can you discuss this at a City Council meeting?
Hans Grunt is out-of-town right now
He sits on our board.
Thank you,


August is an Incredible Month of Change…..

Although it seemed like another boring month at the beginning, August has proven to be a real burst of positive energy coming through in my world and this affects everyone around me… I see the good changes happening and know that soon, the right people will be in control again making all the right decisions… I see everything happening the right way finally… The negative forces that have controlled us here in my world are powerless now… They have no influence on anyone or anything… They cannot make themselves useful…They will simply leave and move on and not return. Their time is done..

Now for us here in Meadow Park this is the time to be visible and outgoing… It is the time to make our words heard and not back down. The atmosphere around here is totally positive again… I see no problems at all really… It was just a waiting game and patience has won…

I see all the changes happening my way, the good way.. There is no other way now and this will not change… The negative people are really outnumbered and ignored!  What a great feeling this is, to move freely and easily in my world and have the honor and respect that I deserve… I am really happy to see this happening now… Stay tuned for more great news… One good thing happens after another and it never stops.. The good people are in control… Evil is conquered and it stays that way….Why?  Because Universal Family Healing really works!!!


The home of Universal Family Healing and spiritual energy purging.

Networking is Good-It Felt Like The Right Thing To Do..But That Time is Over….

UPDATE 08/23/15:

Although I was a member of the Hamilton Forum last year, I have chosen since then not to participate any further due to the negative comments and criticisms I received from its’ users… Not one person spoke out in favor of what I was saying and doing.. So I have chosen to leave the Hamilton Forum entirely…It is not the right place for me.. I just stay here on my blog where I can speak clearly and freely without a lot of negative feedback thrown at me…

I am not like those people on the Hamilton Forum and choose not to associate with them… I have had tremendous success in turning things around here in Meadow Park as a result of leaving the Hamilton Forum and getting away from the negative people there….This is the truth… And today I am updating this post to reflect the reality of the Hamilton Forum which is composed of a bunch of very negative no-nothing do-gooders who are allowed to bully and harass participants….I left that awful place and returned to my blog.

I have created a Google group for the Meadow Park homeowner community. If you are interested in participating in this group, read more about it at this link and send me an email so you can interact there with other homeowners… This is the only way for the Meadow Park homeowners to interact with each other as the message boards were all taken away from us over two years ago on the HOA’s website! Yes that is true,  a few very bad people took away our only communication tool…


October 19, 2014:

I am just letting the Meadow Park community know that I have connected to the Hamilton Community Forum and now those members have access and knowledge of this blog. I am happy that I am able to share my blog with the rest of the Hamilton community. I hope this sharing helps us all continue to create and improve the safety of our Hamilton community…

Creating a safe and living world is not that easy today. But I am here trying to do this. I am not really concerned about those few negative people out there who do not want to see our community live on and thrive. I am only caring about the good people who understand the importance of  fire safety and changing our landscaping to the way it was supposed to be.

I am not here to play games either.

I simply tell the truth about what is happening in Meadow Park to effect change. And that seems to be working. If you are really concerned about these fire safety issues then you will do something. I am not going to tell you what to do. You will lead yourself to the next thing. I am only here to create the awareness and wake us all up. Do not think I am going to be in the front of the room. But I will be there watching all the time, be assured of that….

highfirehazardtrees082914 003

This huge Eucalyptus lives right in the middle of Captain Nurse Circle. It is located next to the tot lot park. It is highly prohibited. Why is it here? Well, I guess those people who built this community thought it was OK to leave it where it was…. Now that is wrong. This tree should not be here in the middle of Captain Nurse Circle. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN REMOVED WHEN THE CONSTRUCTION WAS DONE. THAT KIND OF MENTALITY IS WHAT PUTS OUR COMMUNITY AT A HIGH FIRE RISK TODAY. I DO NOT CARE IF THEY THOUGHT IT WAS “OK”. IT IS PROHIBITED TO HAVE THESE TREES IN OUR COMMUNITY PER OUR VEGETATION MANAGEMENT AND FUEL MODIFICATION PLAN. AND YET, THIS TREE REMAINS HERE TODAY…. THAT IS A CRIME…There are other Eucalyptus trees on Captain Nurse Circle. All need to be removed….

Palm Trees on Captain Nurse Circle after trimming done 10-07-14

Palm Trees on Captain Nurse Circle after trimming done 10-07-14 This is not a good job done by Cagwin & Dorward. Dry fronds still remain on these palm trees. That is not in line with our rules…And it is a waste of our money that they did such a poor job…

Australian paper bark tree- very dry and lots of peeling bark. These trees are located through out our neighborhood.. It is a very invasive non native species.

Australian paper bark tree- very dry and lots of peeling bark. These trees are located throughout Captain Nurse Circle.. It is a very invasive, non native, and high fire hazard species. This one is located right now in between building number 2 and 4. It should have been removed per the Fire Marshal’s orders…But, a lot by lot inspection never was done by Cagwin & Dorward, even though the Fire Marshal, B/C Bill Tyler, ordered it….

highfirehazardtrees082914 005

Look how close this dry high fire hazard tree is located next to this building on Captain Nurse Circle. There are many trees like this too close to the buildings on Captain Nurse Circle and all of them should be removed! This tree and many others should have been removed per the Fire Marshal’s orders. It remains in this condition to this day. It should never have been planted here and needs complete removal.That is the only way to make our community safe, by removing these trees, not just “trimming” them… These trees are prohibited, meaning they are not supposed to be here and should never have planted here in the first place per our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan.

Pictures tell the story here. These pictures are only a sampling of the high fire hazard vegetation that is growing on Captain Nurse Circle. This is a vivid example of how bad the landscaping was done at the inception of our community. This needs to be corrected! We should not be allowing the poor excuses and decisions of those people long ago to govern our right to a fire safe community today!

These pictures are referring to our governing document entitled: Meadow Park Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan Phase 1. It can be seen in its entirety at this link on  my blog:


This governing document is not available currently anywhere else although all Owners in Meadow Park are supposed to have a copy and follow its rules. The Meadow Park  HOA management does not provide a copy to the Owners. It is not anywhere on  meadowparkhoa.org.  I  tried numerous time to get one from the Meadow Park HOA. They continued to lie and deceive me for many years! Even their landscape committee did not have a copy or follow its rules!

I was fortunate to obtain this one from Clark Blasdell, CEO of North Bay Family Homes…I uploaded the complete document here on my blog.  I am providing here  immediate access  for Owners in Meadow Park and anyone else who is interested in promoting a fire safe community in Hamilton…Thank you Clark, once again!

This is important! I am sure other communities in Hamilton would be very interested in knowing about this Plan. I hope this helps others become more aware that this Plan exists although it was hidden away for many years and never put into action! And, this is only Phase 1, covering two neighborhoods (Captain Nurse Circle and March Field Court) on its Phase 1 map. The other phases apparently were never completed by Nuvis,  the landscape architect company that was contracted to create this plan. SO, there are no other maps available right now to do lot by lot inspections!

“Conversations Being Had”, Emails Being Sent, Phone Calls Being Made, And Now a Meeting Will be Held??….Not!!!

This blog post describes the slow progress with Meadow Park’s 5 year fire sprinkler system certification inspections which were completed in March 2015 by Exxell Fire Systems of Oakland, CA… Our Meadow Park community has been in existence for over 10 years but this is the first time we have had any fire sprinkler system inspections on a community wide basis…Over 200 of our homes still need corrections in order to become certified….Many of the Meadow Park Owners did not set up an appointment to let the Exxell contractors inside their homes to inspect the fire sprinklers and escutcheons……I continue to update this blog post as information becomes available directly from Exxell Fire Systems.

UPDATE 08/07/15:

I sent an email yesterday to Nate at Exxell Fire Systems:

from: Julia Angel <firsthealer@gmail.com>
to: Nate Hargitt <fireprotectionguynh@gmail.com>
date: Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 6:02 PM
subject: Follow up wih Board Member Directly
mailed-by: gmail.com
I do not know if you were able to make contact today with Wakefield Sharp…
But, I have another idea for you.. 
There is one MP Board member who is a Novato City Planner… You can try contacting him directly..His name is Hans Grunt.  He has always been very responsive to me…
His email is: hgrunt@cityofnovato.org
I think they are closed on Fridays though…
I do not know who the other board members are except for the old guy from Michigan… And I do not have his email…
So contacting Hans Grunt is a good idea right now…
At least you can try to establish communication with the board again directly…
Hope this helps… I am extremely frustrated too….

I hope this email to Nate helps move things along a bit.. I have not heard back from Nate as of this date and time: 08/07/15 2:36PM…

UPDATE 08/06/15:

Still no word. No news. No corrections appointment… It has become a big joke… All of this work that was done to inspect our fire sprinkler systems and get them all in good working order is now at a complete standstill… And so many problems were detected on our fire sprinkler systems too… Many of the problems apparently had to do with an installation error… But are we (the Meadow Park owners) getting any word back from the Board or the property management company, Wakefield Sharp? Are we getting things repaired in a timely manner? No! We are just sitting here waiting and waiting for something good to happen…That is what is going on right now at 11:15 AM on August 6, 2015…Nothing!

UPDATE 08/04/15:

It was almost 6 months ago that my fire sprinkler system was inspected  by Exxell Fire Systems…. There has been very little progress made with the corrections… I checked in with Nate at Exxell Fire Systems today to see what was going, on if anything…He said he is not aware of what was going on either. He sent them (Wakefield Sharp) that SAME question one week ago and they never responded… He is following up now with another email to them TODAY..

I told Nate this is a very good example of the extremely poor customer service  from Wakefield Sharp that we have to put up with here in Meadow Park…..They never even responded to Nate at Exxell Fire Systems… Can you believe it? What a bunch of bad people they are at Wakefield Sharp…


UPDATE 07/29/15:

I emailed Nate at Exxell Fire Systems to give him the most current information about the installers of our fire sprinkler systems… He said thanks and will pass it along…..I just felt is was important to give this information to him as this issue may be very tricky right now as installation problems were found during this inspection… I hope this speeds things along.. It took me awhile to find this installer…I wanted the Board to have the name and contact information of the installer… That is all I am doing… I did this research over one year ago and it seems to be pertinent now…

UPDATE 07/28/15:

On 7/25/15 I received an update from Nate at Exxell Fire Systems today…

“An update for you. There is a key part missing from most sprinkler systems. The Board is debating to see the best way to handle this. They are trying to determine if it gets put on all systems or just the ones we need to correct. I’ll let you know when a decision is made.”

Last year in June 2014 I researched several sources to find out the contractor who did the initial fire sprinkler installations for Meadow Park. I finally got an answer from a Centex agent on June 10, 2014. Here is the response:

“Good afternoon,

I am showing that we used Fire Protection Unlimited, phone 707-584-2770.

Thank you,”

Sara Stadley
Warranty Agent : : Northern California Division

6120 Stoneridge Mall Road, Suite 500, Pleasanton CA 94588


Emergencies only:  1-800-785-8346

I told Nate that the company that did the initial installation, Fire Protection Unlimited, is no longer in business. Here is an old listing for Fire Protection Unlimited:

Fire Protection Unlimited

This company is no longer located in Santa Rosa… If you click on their webpage, http://www.fireprotectionunlimited.com it redirects you to here:


This new company is located in the Sacramento Valley area….I never contacted this new company…That is something that the Board members should do if there was a problem with the initial installation…

I told him I am just patiently waiting now for my corrections appointment, as are the over 200 or more other Owners here in Meadow Park… And that is all I am doing about this situation now. It is in the Boards’ hands, not mine….

I will continue to post here any further information as I receive it. I am not making anything up. I only post the exact words and the truth.. That is all you will ever read here on my blog…I am not into sensationalism as other bloggers are.. I just report information that is truthful and not fantasy… You can get lies and fantasy in the other mainstream news of the day… I post reality only

I am hoping that all 351 homes were inspected inside and out….That is a big question in my mind…How many homes here in Meadow Park actually were inspected? I was told that all of the outside equipment was tested on every building, but not all of the interior systems (i.e. sprinklers and escutcheons) were inspected… Hmm. I guess the Owners were not being cooperative with this? That is not good! I wanted all Meadow Park townhouse fire sprinkler systems to be thoroughly inspected inside and out..

That is what the Board wanted too. The board meeting minutes from November 18, 2014 state:

“The Board reviewed estimates from three contractors before the motion was made seconded and passed unanimously to approve the proposal from Exxell Fire Systems at a cost of $46,360.00 to inspect and supply documentation on the fire sprinkler systems and alarms for each unit in Meadow Park. The Board instructed Management incorporate the expense in future Meadow Park Reserve studies.”

A meeting was being scheduled (supposedly) so that the Meadow Park Board of Directors can listen to the inspection findings report and approve the correction costs…Apparently Exxell Fire Systems has been trying to set this meeting up for some time and has been told no several times by Wakefield Sharp Property Management..Hmm. Well, I am not surprised here. Wakefield Sharp has not been an advocate of this inspection at all and they are undermining the progress here… There should have been a meeting on this months ago…And now it appears that a meeting was never held…On June 10, one month ago today, Exxell Fire Systems was told that a meeting was going to take place… Wakefield Sharp was supposed to set this up but never did… So, Exxell Fire Systems is just sending them a new contract for the corrective work that needs to be done on the 200 plus units….

Exxell Fire Systems wanted to meet directly with the Board to discuss this matter, but it was not handled properly at all.. Several requests were made and ignored by the property management company Wakefield Sharp…

Now this is going to cost us some money… but other HOAs have done this too, even reaching into their reserves to cover the cost.. I do hope that the Meadow Park HOA Board of Directors sees the importance of this and understands that there have been other HOAs like ours doing the same thing because it is so important to have this done community wide…. It is now our turn to finish what we started….

I will continue to update this situation as more information becomes available…

07/16/15 9:28 AM

Ten days have passed since I updated this blog post. I sent Exxell Fire Systems a copy of the Board meeting agenda for July 21 because it has a new business item: Fire Sprinkler Systems… I wanted this company to be aware that finally, they are on the agenda at an open public Meadow Park board meeting… It took several months for this to happen… Way too long…

Here is Nate Hargitt’s response:

Nate Hargitt <fireprotectionguynh@gmail.com>

to:Julia Angel <firsthealer@gmail.com>

date:Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 9:07 AM

subject:Re: Board Meeting Agenda

mailed-by:gmail.comsigned-by: gmail.com

Important mainly because of your interaction with messages in the conversation.

Thank you, I hope it all goes smoothly. I have already sent an offer to be present directly to the board. They didn’t want that but assured me that if they had questions they would call me. I’ll let you know what they say when I know.


I told Nate that I am not too sure that his request to have a face to face meeting was ever really presented to the board members… I have a feeling Wakefield Sharp intervened here and stopped that whole thing from ever happening….I am waiting to see what happens after Tuesday’s meeting.. It will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out in reality….Exxell Fire Systems can attend the meeting and be present when this matter is discussed. I want to make this totally clear that they have been fully informed… If it were me, I would definitely be there, considering the situation and circumstances… It is a good thing I do not have to be there though… All kinds of strange things would happen. I will just sit back and enjoy the show as a viewer not as a participant…..

07/06/15 12:38 PM

I sent Nate Hargitt an email today to get an update and find out if the “meeting” was ever held… I also informed him about the upcoming board meeting on 07/21/15… Looks like maybe the first week of August is when they will be resuming their work here in Meadow Park.

Here is his response:

Nate Hargitt

12:18 PM (20 minutes ago)

to me

Dear Julia,
Pretty soon. We have a final estimate that we are making the last few adjustments to then submitting this week, we may or may not be present at that meeting. Either way we will provide them with enough information that they can hopefully come to a decision. Sorry for the delay but hopefully we can get back to work come the first week of August.


Nate Hargitt
Exxell Fire Systems

06/22/15 2:09 PM

Another update from Exxell Fire Systems:

from: Nate Hargitt <fireprotectionguynh@gmail.com>
to: Julia Angel <firsthealer@gmail.com>
date: Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 11:42 AM
subject: Re: Update

Dear Julia,
Thanks for the information, we are currently in the process of working out a meeting time. I’ll update when we have this set up.


Nate Hargitt

06/17/15 8:36 AM


Here is the most recent update from Nate Hargitt about scheduling that very important meeting with the Board of Directors. Seems he is being given the run around here. I do not even know who the Board of Directors are now.. We never got notified about the recent election results:

from:Nate Hargitt <fireprotectionguynh@gmail.com>

to:Julia Angel <firsthealer@gmail.com>
date:Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 8:25 AM

subject:Re: Update

mailed by:gmail.com


Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.

“Sorry didn’t get a chance to email you yesterday. The Board hasn’t gotten back to Wakefield yet. I’ll check back with them in another week.


06/10/15 11:00 AM


Good News! After some emailing back and forth with Nate, he sent me this last email which basically says that there will be a meeting scheduled soon with the Meadow Park Board of Directors and his company Exxell Fire Systems to discuss the Meadow Park Fire Sprinkler Systems’ repairs.. Here is his email:

Nate Hargitt

10:42 AM (14 minutes ago)

to me

Just got off the phone with them. They are in full agreement at Wakefield with us meeting with the board. They will contact me when by Tuesday of next week to let me know when the board is available to meet with us directly.



This is my response to Exxell Fire Systems:

Julia Angel <firsthealer@gmail.com>

9:18 AM (25 minutes ago)

to Nate, Miles

Really, these excuses are INCREDIBLY boring… And to say it may take up to three years to get it all done is outrageous…

Get the job done now… We need to be five-year certified here in Meadow Park… That is what you were hired to do… Not prolong it and allow  us to continue at a high fire hazard disadvantage. That is too scary!
We are five years overdue for our certification..We have been here over ten years and this was never done before… That is why there are so many problems…
Maybe you are not the right company for us after all…That is what is seems like… There are so many fire safety companies out there… I am not sure why you were even chosen…I had spoken with another company which I really liked. I was the one who got this all started. You don’t seem to even realize that..That guy even came out  on site and gave me an estimate which was so reasonable…I turned all that paperwork over to the Board but they picked you guys instead….I gave him a map plan of our community so that this could be done neighborhood by neighborhood.. Easy….You guys seems to be so unorganized…
When we had our buildings painted, even the painting company knew how to organize a project like this.. Yes, they had to come into every home to paint the front door.. Now that was done quite easily.. And in a  totally organized fashion..You do not seem to know how to handle our project.. It appears that you are stuck…And the painting was not even a state law requirement!  This is! And you still act like you cannot handle it….And that painting project was extremely expensive too…They had to do lots of extra repairs etc….
The Board of Directors does not meet again until the third Tuesday in July! Are you going to just wait and wait? You were not even on the agenda at the last board meeting.. The management  company is trying to cover everything up…. I told you how to get this going… You are still slowing everything down..If you are not getting cooperation, you can contact the local fire marshal. You can also call an extra board meeting ASAP to get this addressed and then attend in person!… Be proactive or leave! It is a state law remember? We need to have this done… It is an extreme safety hazard to let it go as you are…
We are not getting the kind of service that we expected… And meanwhile we are all hugely out of compliance here in Meadow Park because of a “contract issue”…
And many of us are very uncomfortable too because we know that our systems need repairing … And in this drought time, I would think you guys would be extra fast at cleaning this mess up…We are all at a high fire hazard situation here in Meadow Park.. That is why I took this problem on.. NO ONE ELSE WAS DOING ANYTHING!! GET IT!!!
The Board did this only  because of my community activities and emailing and blogging and that is the truth…And the management company does not like it either.. So you are not getting any help from Wakefield Sharp.. They do not like that our money is being spent this way… but they are not in charge of our money…That is the reality..Wakefield Sharp is just  hired help… 
This is a state law and the Board approved it..Act like you have more control and you will…The money is there,  believe me…And it is not a negotiable item.. The repairs must be made ASAP.
I will continue to blog about the current situation here in Meadow Park.. And the non progress with our corrections…
It is out in the public arena and it will not stop being there ….
That is the only way I have made things change here.. By speaking out in the open and telling the truth..

06/09/15 12:10PM


Miles Sosso

11:58 AM (8 minutes ago)

to me
We have no authorization to make any repairs at this time, I will work with Nate to get this resolved.
Thank you

06/09/15 11:12 AM


Nate Hargitt

9:50 AM (1 hour ago)

to me
 Dear Julia,

I’m sorry, Miles is back and forth with the Management company, we cannot legally do anything without the ok from them. We were only contracted to do any corrections. I have no control over anything myself currently it’s all over to the other company. Blog all you want because it is messed up, and I’m getting many emails about the corrections, but we have rules we need to follow and we are trying to make it as affordable as possible. I’m sorry for the wait but we still cannot do anything until another contact is worked out and singed. There are about 200 other units that have other corrections that require a lot of work, such as shutting off the water, etc. We are working on it, we will let you know when it is worked out.


Nate Hargitt
Exxell Fire System

My response:

Julia Angel <firsthealer@gmail.com>

11:10 AM (3 minutes ago)

to Nate

SO, it’s the management company (Wakefield Sharp) that is standing in the way… I will post this on my blog.. perhaps things will change… After all, it was theMeadow Park Board of Directors who approved this contract. The Board of Directors is composed of homeowners like me.  The management company is just a hired company like you…The management company has no power over contracts! Be very careful here ….I hope you understand the difference here…The management company has to do what the Board says… That is the truth …

That management company, Wakefield Sharp is a bunch of criminals and needs to be fired….

Read my blog to understand reality… Nate, you have to go forward and complete the repairs or you will be in serious legal trouble too…The contract still is valid…



Exactly four months ago today, on February 9, 2015, my fire sprinkler system was inspected by Exxell Fire Systems..It did not pass inspection… I have been in communication with this company regularly… On May 4, I received this email response from Nate Hargitt:

Nate Hargitt <fireprotectionguynh@gmail.com>

May 4

to me

Dear Julia,
Thanks for the follow-up. We are still working out the best way to do it with the HOA, this could take some time as most repairs requires turning off the water, and on top of that we need to contact each person who has repairs and working out when it works for them etc. I will inform you when we are ready to get started on this.


Nate Hargitt
Exxell Fire Systems

This is the company that the Meadow Park Board of Directors contracted with to do our fire sprinkler system inspection… They are obviously not the right company for us… Otherwise they would have been doing the repairs already…Nate sent this email over one month ago.. This is not acceptable at all…And still no response to my emails this week… Bad business practice here… I am not happy and I am blogging about it…How patient am I supposed to be? This is unreasonable and no one is doing anything about it… So I continue blogging and show how bad this whole situation really is…This company should have been organizing the inspections and corrections from the very beginning… Four months is long enough to be completely done with everything!




I am still trying to get my appointment set up for my fire sprinkler system repairs.. I am not getting very far… I have sent 2 more emails and left another voice mail message…One of my emails came back as undeliverable. I have not received any response as of today 6/08/15 at 10:00 AM.. I am just documenting this here on my blog because this is so unprofessional…. I cannot believe that it was four months ago that my fire sprinkler system was inspected… Four months!!! And I was expecting the repairs and a certification report by this time…Four months to wait for repairs is unacceptable…

I am not being unreasonable.. I am only stating the truth. Now I am just waiting like the rest of the Meadow Park homeowners for some kind of action here…

This has not been a smooth process and continues to be treated like it is non-important.. It is in fact extremely important..The HOA Board of Directors approved this inspection six months ago and as of this date we still do not have our fire sprinkler systems repaired!!!


It was on February 9, 2015 that I had my fire sprinkler system inspected by Exxell Fire Systems (http://www.exxellfiresystems.com)… I have been in close contact with the employees there since that time..The reason I am doing this is because I want to make sure that I receive my final five-year certification report.. This is a state law!

Owners have to have this inspection done every five years here in California.. And as I have lived here in Meadow Park now for almost 10 years (June 27, 2005 was my move-in date), this inspection was never done and is way overdue!… But because of my interventions over this past year, the Meadow Park Board of Directors approved this inspection in November 2014 for all homeowners… It was not until February 2015 that the inspections started… The inspections completed in March…. Now what about the corrections? That is the big mystery here…

 There seems to be some problems getting the corrections organized… 

So, I remain in communications with Exxell Fire Systems and wait a little bit longer while they figure out how to schedule the corrections… It will happen I know despite the lack of coordination help from the HOA management … It still happens… We are all going to get our five-year certification reports because we the Owners here in Meadow Park are paying for it through our HOA assessment fees…

It is one of the best uses yet of those HOA assessment fees.. And it is going to happen..

This is the most recent email communication with Exxell Fire Systems:

from:Nate Hargitt <fireprotectionguynh@gmail.com>

to:Julia Angel <firsthealer@gmail.com>

date:Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 8:38 AM

subject:Re: Follow up on Fire Sprinkler System Testing

mailed by:gmail.comsigned-by:gmail.com

Important mainly because it was sent directly to you.

The conversations are being had with the corrections department. Please send an email to automaticfiresafety@gmail.com. Miles will get it, he has any information.


Nate Hargitt
Exxell Fire Systems


Julia Angel <firsthealer@gmail.com>

Jun 2 (3 days ago)

to Nate

Thanks Nate, I hope this situation gets resolved quickly.. I want my inspection report and you guys need to get paid…And it will happen…


Nate Hargitt

Jun 2 (3 days ago)

to me
Thanks for you concern.

Nate Hargitt

This is the most recent information I have about the fire sprinkler system inspection which was approved back in November by our Meadow Park Board of Directors… I am hoping that I will be contacted soon to set up my corrections appointment…I want to be in compliance with the state law.. I want all of Meadow Park to become a five-year fire sprinkler system certified community, even though the property management company is inhibiting the progress.

 I know that this will happen!

myneighbors sprinkler water gauge2

This is my neighbor’s fire sprinkler water gauge that needs replacing right now…It is not working properly at all.

My new sprinkler water gauge

This is my fire sprinkler pressure gauge that was replaced last year by a plumbing company because I complained. It is functioning normally and did pass on the recent inspection in February..

This my fire sprinkler alarm which passed insection in February

This is my fire sprinkler alarm which passed inspection in February.

This is a fire sprinkler cover (escutcheon) located inside my home. I am currently missing 2 of them and one needs replacing becasue it had paint on it. Then I will have all three corrections done in order to pass my inspection and recieve my report..

This is a fire sprinkler cover (escutcheon) located inside my home. I am currently missing 2 of them and one needs replacing because it had paint on it.

If you are reading this blog and want to find out what is going on, I encourage you to contact the company, Exxell Fire Systems, on your own:


.. Contacting Wakefield Sharp will not help at all as they are hindering, not helping, the progress of the corrections…