Creating the Awareness of Reality: My Healing Does That

I started this community blog because my community was sound asleep… I was the only one who saw the hidden dangers with safety measures here in Meadow Park that are being purposefully neglected…I have a special ability to speak the right words at the right moments and wake up the sleeping minds that are stuck and numbed by negative forces ( ie spiritual energies).. If you read about me you will know that I am very different from most people.. I am totally human but I have these amazing healing powers that I just discovered over the past few years.. I am using this healing ability plus my very excellent written and verbal skills to make the truth be known …

I want more people here in my local community (Novato, CA,USA) to read my words, but until that time.. I know that I am still making a huge difference and positive changes are rapidly happening now… I can feel it… When you are really in control of your world, nothing can harm you ever again..Not the freaks, nor the con artists nor the criminals.. Those bad people are out of my world and in the limelight for all to see.

I sit here and watch the freak show unfold as it is happening right now… I hope that more good people will be in contact with me directly but until then, I am very pleased that so many people all over the world are reading my words and getting to know the real me…

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Typical locked up Meadow Park Fire extinguisher- not user friendly!!! No labeling on how to use!

Typical locked up Meadow Park fire extinguishers are not user-friendly!!! No labeling on how to use! No keys or instruction are here.. The how to use  labels were left off when they were installed.This is still the way our fire extinguishers are being stored as of 07/07/15