HOA Rules About Renting and Parking: Why Are They Being Ignored Still?

UPDATE 09/02/19

I see a lot of interest in this post recently so there must be something going on about all of the illegal renting in Meadow Park. I posted this 4 years ago! Perhaps those bad Owners who rent out their townhomes as a business are finally getting caught and being told that they cannot do what they are doing! Wow, that is a good thing indeed.

Right now it is a bad time for those Owners. Here in Yuma, it is also a bad time  for Owners of rental properties who have never done the right thing and are getting caught. Their slumlord activities are ending quickly. A parallel is happening again as usually does whenever I am involved. Read about me more on http://www.firsthealer.com. I am a powerful Universe Family Healer. I returned to my homeland and live here in Yuma, AZ now making my hometown better everyday.

My powerful healing is making only the right things happen here in Yuma and there in Meadow Park where I lived with my family for over 10 years. I have inserted the CC&R about renting below. It is very clear that renting is not allowed in Meadow Park unless that was changed. Hope this helps clarify the matter for those of you who are wondering about it. Renting was never allowed. Maybe soon all of the illegal activities in Meadow Park and Yuma will be eradicated forever.

3.2 Owner Occupancy Requirement and Renting.

Pursuant to the terms of the Affordable Housing Covenant, Resale Restrictions and Option to Purchase Agreement (the Resale Restrictions Agreement), the Non-Transitional Housing Condominiums must be Owner-occupied and may not be leased, subleased, or otherwise rented.

Here is another blog post from October 9, 2015 about illegal renting:


UPDATE 10/08/15

Although this post is concerning important rules about parking and renting, the HOA’s parking rules continue to be ignored totally by the HOA management…

As of this date, a delivery truck continues to park for over one hour each day in the front of my home… This is specifically against our parking rules…. A camper continues to park illegally at the end of my street, in violation of our parking rules… An abandoned vehicle has remained in the same visitor parking location for months and months without being towed… Now, all of these issues are being allowed by the HOA management… They do absolutely nothing and in fact have encouraged the practice of illegal parking here on Captain Nurse Circle… That is the truth…

If the Meadow Park HOA management was really doing their job for us about enforcing our CC&R parking rules, I would not be making this update today…

I have all the documentation and photos I need to prove that this illegal activity continues unchallenged by the HOA management… I will continue to document illegal parking activities on Captain Nurse Circle until the HOA management is addressing their legal responsibilities appropriately and consistently… This is the CC&R governing our parking rules:

3.4 Vehicle and Parking Restrictions. No mobile home, camper, or recreational vehicle, boat, truck (other than pickup trucks that do not exceed three-quarter ton) or similar equipment shall be parked or stored at anytime within the Development (including on any public rights-of-way) except trucks parked on a temporary basis for purposes of loading or unloading.

Occupants shall park their vehicles in their assigned carport spaces so that unassigned Association Property parking spaces are available primarily for guest parking. No parking space may be converted into any use that would prevent its use as a parking space. The Board may adopt Rules regulating parking in the unassigned spaces, including regulations that prohibit occupants from parking in all or parts of these areas, so that the spaces are available exclusively for guest parking. The Rules may not prohibIt the use of unassigned parking spaces by agents
of the Continuum or the Transitional Housing Operators while performing services related to the ownership of the Transitional Housing Condominiums or the support services authorized, under Section 3.1.


I am updating this topic because there seems to a general interest in this problem still. I have been so focused on the fire safety issues, but of course illegal renting and illegal parking continues to go on and on here on Captain Nurse Circle. I am assuming it is rampant in other areas of Meadow Park too. The HOA has a lot of power to enforce our rules. It is a governing body that legally can cite and fine these people who are disobeying our CC&Rs…

I am here to state that all of the problems continue! I have blogged about all of them before and done whatever I could to inform the HOA and other enforcement agencies. Those agencies like Hello Housing have been given full authority by the City of Novato to seek legal action against those Owners who are renting their Meadow Park homes out for profit.. Illegal renting has not stopped!!

The buses are still taking those developmentally disabled people back and forth all the time to their workplaces. The Owners who are using their home as a “licensed foster care for up to 8” are still doing it… There are people who are renting rooms to friends and foreign exchange students.. All of this is being allowed by the HOA!  It is well-known that these problems persist.

This is the CC&R rule about Renting:

3.2 Owner Occupancy Requirement and Renting.

Pursuant to the terms of the Affordable Housing Covenant, Resale Restrictions and Option to Purchase Agreement (the Resale Restrictions Agreement), the Non-Transitional Housing Condominiums must be Owner-occupied and may not be leased, subleased, or otherwise rented.

Illegal parking by trucks and campers and giving some people special privileges to ignore our parking rules continue on Captain Nurse Circle. I witness it all the time. It has not stopped! The HOA has allowed this illegal parking activity to go on and on, so these people think it is OK to ignore rules and be the “special people” who live here…. The HOA management think they can do anything they want to ignore our rules. There has not been any election to vote on a rules change… Thus the current HOA management needs to be fired so a new group of law-abiding Owners and managers can be put into place..

What a concept!! Let’s clean house and get things back into reality.. We are not living a real life here on Captain Nurse Circle.. These bad Owners do not deserve this special treatment, whether it is illegal renting or parking.. They are not special at all. They are just law breakers!