Meadow Park Community of Homeowners: An Online Google Group for Meadow Park Owners

I created this Google group recently because I wanted to have a place where homeowners in Meadow Park can interact freely and openly… As I have stated before the interactive communication tool  (message board) was removed from our HOA’s web site in July 2013

I have gone ahead and set this group up… But, as these groups go, you have to be invited to join. Just send me an email… The only requirement is that you are a homeowner here in Meadow Park. This is not a place for the Meadow Park rental community as our issues differ greatly…

The Meadow Park HOA Board of Directors will not provide this type of communication tool for us.. The HOA decided long ago to keep all communication one way only…This is all you get when you access the HOA website:

Meadow Park Website Etiquette and Usage Guidelines

Meadow Park Website Etiquette and Usage Guidelines

This rude welcome is saying that there are bulletin boards/blogs etc. available but there are none.. That HOA website is a total sham!

But, legally we can interact if we want to and we should be interacting more…That is the only way to get things done the right way these days in an HOA like ours…When there is too much inactivity and lack of communication between homeowners, a very negative group of people take over….That is what happened here and is changing now, thank goodness!

Contact me at this email address: and I will be happy to send you the invitation..

Looking forward to hearing from all of you…

Julia Angel

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