Novato Fire Marshal Calls it a Pepper Tree- No Visit Ever Made On Site…

Update 09/28/15:

Six months ago, I made the following post… I just let it all go after that.. I could not believe that the Novato Fire Marshal was calling the high fire hazard trees (Australian Paper Bark) on my street” California Pepper” trees.. There was nothing else I could do… I just simply posted his email response and mine and said good bye to the Novato Fire Protection District… I could finally see that they are just a scam… But, I am putting this on the front page of my blog so others can see what I had to deal with and why I had to let it go… As of this date, the very bad rees remain here untouched… I still hope for the day when good people will take control and make my neighborhood safe from a major fire disaster… I do not care what the Fire Marshal says… I do not trust him..I only trust my own feelings and that has allowed me to live and be safe… And I will continue to post the truth about this situation until that day when everything is done right…


I received this email response from B/C Fire Marshal Bill Tyler yesterday regarding my most recent complaint. I sent him and others my response back. See below:

from: Bill Tyler <>
to: Julia Angel <>
cc: “” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
Virginia Patterson <>,
Lori Jessell <>,
Lynne Osgood <>
date: Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 2:02 PM
subject: RE: High fire hazard vegetation problem on Captain Nurse Circle
: Important mainly because of your interaction with messages in the conversation.


Hi Julia:


After receiving your complaint on March 12, 2015 the following actions have been taken by the Novato Fire District to investigate and follow up:


  1. Complaint was assigned to a NFD Fire Inspector Lynne Osgood who performed a preliminary site inspection, including but not limited to identifying the area of the tree and other landscaped vegetation that you captured in your submitted photo;


  1. Identified the type of tree, evaluated the arrangement of vegetation, and its proximity to the structure;


  1. Contacted the property management company  and arranged to meet with the new landscape maintenance supervisor;




  1. The existing condition of the landscape is substantially in compliance with the existing approved vegetation management plan, given this time of the year.


  1. The tree in the photo is a Pepper Tree and is included on the list of approved fire resistive trees in the approved plant list. It was limbed up appropriately. It is not to be considered a fire hazard. I understand from you that it was removed— it was done so without our input or recommendation.


  1. We will continue to work with and educate the property manager and their landscape maintenance crews as to proper maintenance of the approved vegetation management plan.


I realize that you have strong opinions regarding the current state of the landscaping and up keep, and that those opinions may not be in alignment with our evaluation and findings. We will continue to work with the management to keep the residential areas fire safe, and thank you for your concerns, which we do take seriously.




B/C Bill Tyler, Fire Marshal

Novato Fire District



My response:

from: Julia Angel <>
to: Bill Tyler <>
cc: “” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
Virginia Patterson <>,
Lori Jessell <>,
Lynne Osgood <>
date: Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 6:05 PM
subject: Re: High fire hazard vegetation problem on Captain Nurse Circle


Again, I want to say this one more time:

The tree in question was not a “Pepper tree”..A pepper tree has red berries and different leaves than this one… This tree was an Australian Paperbark tree. There are several of these paperbarks (bottle brush type) behind my  building.. Way too many…And all over Captain Nurse Circle

Now, I am not stupid. I know what kind of tree these are…. This is not the right kind of tree for our landscaping. These trees are not safe. They are highly invasive, non-native and high fire hazard and if anyone from the Fire Protection District actually would come out and see them, they would have to admit this too. I am really done with you guys this time..I know that no one ever really did come and see this stuff. All lip service….

You are not dealing with my reality. You have a mindset that is not healthy either… To say these are Pepper trees is very irresponsible of you..Shameful..

I do not want to continue to discuss this situation with you fire people.. I see that you guys do not take this very seriously…. That is a shame but it is the truth… So, I will not be bothering you anymore with my complaints… These high fire hazard trees remain here though and I am documenting that today… There was not ever a lot by lot inspection done or any removals done except when I specifically complained.. You are all irresponsible and not doing your jobs and yet you get paid.. Disgusting…

The only person who cared was Clark!


My point here is this: the Novato Fire Protection District is a sham.. They do not come out and do any inspections here. They call the vegetation safe when it is not. They are not in touch with reality..They are not protecting anyone but themselves!

Paperbark tree behind my home-very high fire hazard and invasive

Paperbark tree behind my home-very high fire hazard and invasive

This is the tree in question. It is not a pepper tree. There are several of these paperbark trees right now everywhere on my street and the Novato Fire Marshal says it is OK and calls these pepper trees… What a joke!  I am posting this here so we can all get a good laugh at those fire people who just sit around and do nothing and wait for a fire to happen! These trees are just a few examples of the mess we have here on Captain Nurse Circle..


Australian paper bark tree- very dry and lots of peeling bark. These trees are located through out our neighborhood.. It is a very invasive non native species.

Australian paper bark tree is very dry and lots of peeling bark. These trees are located throughout our neighborhood.. It is a very invasive, non-native and high fire hazard species.

Paperbark tree close to building on Captain Nurse Circle

Australian Paperbark trees close to building on Captain Nurse Circle

highfirehazardtrees082914 003

Strictly prohibited Australian Eucalyptus tree located in the center of Captain Nurse Circle. We have others like this one surrounding us on Captain Nurse Circle and  it is being allowed by the HOA and Fire Protection District..

Peeling paperbark trees.

Peeling Australian paperbark trees behind buildings 2 and 4 on Captain Nurse Circle.

Bottle Brush trees are everywhere on Captain Nurse Circle. There is a big line of them right behind buildings 2 and 4...

Paper bark bottle brush trees are everywhere on Captain Nurse Circle. There is a big line-up of them right behind buildings 2 and 4…We are at a high fire hazard risk right now because the Novato Fire Protection District is not doing their job to inspect this mess and supervise removal…


One Tree Removed, Many To Go…

I looked out side in my back area early this morning and saw that the tree I recently complained about had been removed:


Paperbark tree behind my home-very high fire hazard and invasive

Paperbark tree behind my home-very high fire hazard and invasive

After tree removal

After tree removal- Paperbark tree was removed yesterday but that ugly paint stain still remains!

I sent this email:

from: Julia Angel <>
to: Bill Tyler <>
cc: “” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
Virginia Patterson <>
date: Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 7:31 AM
subject: Re: High fire hazard vegetation problem on Captain Nurse Circle


I am reporting that the tree I emailed you about is now removed… But I am not the one to be responsible here to report every infraction regarding our Meadow Park Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan, Phase 1.

There are plenty of paid people who are supposed to be doing a walk around Captain Nurse Circle WITH OUR LOT MAP and making notes regarding the infractions..I am not that person- no one is paying me anything…What a scam this whole thing is…

This proves that my initial complaint was never dealt with appropriately…There are several infractions that need to be dealt with…

I want people to start doing the jobs that they are getting paid to do… 


Is that too much to ask?  Am I being unreasonable here? If I was the supervisor of this charade, I would fire everyone involved and start completely over with real and responsible people

My monies are being wasted on nonessential things like “approved vegetation to cover up the train noise”…Why should my HOA assessments be used for that? I do not have any train noise here on Captain Nurse Circle…

Do your job, board of directors or you will be in a courtroom and not in a mediation… This is a serious health and safety issue that you are continuing to ignore as a “legal matter”. You better open up quick or it is all going to snow ball on you!

New Landscape Contracter Visible Today on Captain Nurse Circle: Jensen

I guess the board did vote out the Cagwin & Dorward landscape maintenance at the January meeting! The only reason I am saying this is because I just saw a new landscape maintenance truck here on Captain Nurse Circle. This truck has a red logo and says Jensen Landscape. And I checked back to the December executive meeting Agendas and sure enough, Jensen was one of those being considered.

Landscape contract board meetings Dec2014

Landscape contract board meetings December 2014

Now, I am sure these new landscapers know nothing about our landscape maintenance rules or our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan, so I am making sure that the Novato Fire Marshal is aware that there is a new landscape maintenance company contracted with our HOA…The meetings that were held last year with Cagwin & Dorward led nowhere..

I am making sure that our fire enforcement agency is well aware of this important change in order that their ensuing investigation continues undaunted. There needs to be another meeting held obviously to make sure that all involved are following these rules…

Meadow Park’s Journey to Becoming a Fire Safe Community: A Recap…

Who is really even concerned these days about a major fire here in Marin County? I see very little being done about this problem.. Yet the fire safety professionals all agree that a major fire hazard is just waiting to happen here in this county…. I am not going to let our community be one of those statistics though.. If those other communities in Marin County are letting it go and taking chances, then so be it… I am not one to sit by and let things happen.. I know that in this spiritually set up world, disasters are meant to happen in a set up way…But that does not mean you are powerless to make it stop happening. I am very powerful to make things go the right way…

I am making sure that all the fire safety measures are being done properly and to the law.. I am the only one who is doing this in my community. But maybe there is a reason for that… I am not stopping..Others probably would stop and give up.. but not me! I am making sure that it is well-known that we are at risk for this major fire to occur.. Therefore, I am blogging what is now happening to change our fire risk here. We are not going to have a fire disaster in our community.

I blog and notify the appropriate professionals. I follow-up and make sure that things are happening in a timely manner. I am focusing on this because I want my home to be safe and secure for me and my family… And of course other people who live here will benefit because of my actions…

(1) I made a follow-up complaint to the Novato Fire Marshal last week because it was over 6 months ago that my initial complaint was made and nothing was done about it by the HOA… The Fire Marshal acknowledged this and reassigned the complaint for investigation. The complaint concerns the fact that the HOA is not following the Meadow Park Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan, Phase 1. My email was sent to all those who needed to know this… I am not hiding anything. I want them to make sure the HOA notifies all Owners in writing about this Plan!

(2) Included in the email was a complaint that our fire extinguisher cabinets remain unlabeled here on Captain Nurse Circle. The Novato Fire Marshal and Novato Fire Protection District had recommended that these be labeled. All of the other neighborhoods in Meadow Park have labels except those on Captain Nurse Circle. This discrepancy needs to be addressed ASAP. It is not OK to let this detail be pushed aside again. These cabinets have been unmarked for 10 years!

(3) I made a follow-up email to Nate at Exxell Fire Systems yesterday to see how the fire sprinkler system inspections are going. I specifically asked when my fire sprinkler system would be repaired and when I would receive my report.. I was told that they plan to have everything inspected by March 20 and submit the findings to the HOA. At that point I felt I needed to let Nate know that it would be helpful to have their findings submitted at the next board meeting on March 17.. He was very happy to know about this: “Wow, thank you very much for that information. We’ll do our best” was his response.  Otherwise, it could be 2 months before the board meets again (in May) to approve the repairs needed…That is not good!

The HOA system is slow and cumbersome these days.. And waking this HOA up to what is really important is what I am here to do. I am here to make them accountable for our safety and well-being…My universal healing is helping too..

Well, Board Minutes Were Signed Off and Posted, But Was This Really Legal?

I mean, you must have a quorum to approve the minutes right? Did the Board have a quorum at the last meeting in January? I am wondering about that… Because that is when Ms. Patterson would have signed off on these minutes…

Remember that very important Board meeting from November 2014? Somehow, the minutes were posted on the Meadow Park website recently… And signed on February 11, 2015 by the HOA’s secretary Virgina Patterson. Now, I am sure that they were getting a lot of phone calls and bad feedback about this whole thing… Here is the link to the entire Board Meeting Minutes for 2014:

Meadow Park Board Meeting Minutes2014

I am only presenting what I see. So far, only 100 views have taken place for the entire year to access these meeting minutes from last year … That is a very poor number indeed… But I am just posting them here for all to see. The meeting minutes contain no mention of anything I am discussing here on my blog. The problems regarding my complaint are probably just being dealt with during their executive session under “legal issues”… No opening up and discussing this out in the open with all Owners. I am stating this one more time.

I made the complaint that the HOA was not following our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan in August 2014. It is now February 2015, and nothing has been communicated with the Owners about this document…. It remains hidden and covered up by the HOA management as it has since the inception of our community 10 years ago…

That is why I am still here. I have presented this document on my blog and it is available here for all Owners to view and print for their records. See it here:

This document is part of our governing homeowner documents. Yet, you cannot find it anywhere on the Meadow Park HOA’s website. That is why I am still here making it available for the Meadow Park Owners, especially those in Phase One who live on March Field Court and Captain Nurse Circle….

And if this HOA goes to court about this, all that the judge will say is, “Why didn’t you tell the Meadow Park Owners about this? Why didn’t you send out information about this? Why didn’t you follow-up on the Fire Marshals’ orders? Where is this document on your website? ”


You only will find the truth here on my blog. If you read those board meeting minutes from 2014, you will see that this whole situation is being ignored as a “legal matter”… And as this sham goes on, our lives contniue to be at risk for a major fire disaster…

Meadow Park is Becoming a Five Year Fire Sprinkler Certified Community!

It’s really happening  here in Meadow Park! We are becoming five-year fire sprinkler certified! This is exciting. Very few communities like ours actually do this. Most townhouse communities rely on the Owners to individually have this done, but it never happens that way!  And then disaster strikes and everyone living there is at risk for a fire emergency…

But now, because of my persistence and volunteer work with this situation, I was able to move the HOA into that direction…They now see how important it is to maintain our community in a fire safe manner. Our HOA is using our HOA assessments to pay for all of these fire sprinkler system inspections, as well as the repairs that are needed to make our systems work…. After the repairs are made we receive our reports which shows our fire sprinkler systems are in good working order..  It is the best use of our assessments yet!! We will all feel so much better that this got done.

And as a result,  our townhouses will have an increase in value! This is going to make our property values increase quite a bit. And that is always a good thing here in Marin County.. We are going to see this happen soon..There is no doubt about that.

Here is a link to an online publication called The Communicator which explains all about a “Five Year Fire Sprinkler Certification”: The Communicator is a publication of the Community Associations Institute, Bay Area Central California Chapter. This is from Volume 4, Issue 2, Spring 2011:


I received this second notice shortly after I had my own fire sprinkler system tested on February 9th. I am hoping more Owners will get their appointments scheduled soon. This second notice included a phone number too…I am glad that they added the phone number to this second notice…

But, the HOA still has not done a very good job of explaining what this is all about. That is why I am blogging here to let others know that this is a very big and important project and well worth the Owner’s money…

This is the second notice regarding our Fire Sprinkler Inspection for our five year certification.

This is the second notice regarding our Fire Sprinkler Inspection for our five-year certification.

The HOA should be communicating more about this certification process and make sure every Owner takes part… Otherwise we will still be at risk for a fire emergency here in Meadow Park!

Fire Sprinkler Alarms are Sounding on Captain Nurse Circle… But Not for a Real Fire Thank Goodness!

My Fire Sprinkler Alarm on Captain Nurse Circle

My Fire Sprinkler Alarm on Captain Nurse Circle


Mine works! That is a relief. Miles tested my fire sprinkler alarm this afternoon and it is working just fine….I was visited today by three fire safety technicians from Exxell Fire Systems. I was able to observe how they inspected the fire sprinklers inside my home and hear my fire sprinkler alarm sound off perfectly! I am hopeful that is the only time I will ever have to hear that fire alarm sound, but I feel good to know it works…

I have 3 escutcheons  that are being ordered.  I have two that are totally missing as they fell off awhile ago and one has paint on it. These are the white protective covers for the fire sprinklers. I posted a picture of what they look like here:

Fire Sprinkler Escutcheon

Fire Sprinkler Escutcheon


I was told by Gary ( who started this company) that I should be hearing from them in about 4 weeks to have those replaced. This company does the inspection and the repairs…… And at that time I should be receiving my inspection report too. I hope to get that report  by email from Nate…

I am so proud of our HOA for providing this inspection.. It is going to make our community so happy and relieved when all of the systems are inspected and repaired by this professional fire safety company…

I hope that more Owners are getting the message that this is very important to have done. We only have the opportunity to complete our inspections over the next 4 weeks… It is very important to schedule your appointment by email with Nate. He is very responsive and helpful….

So, I can relax now and wait a few more weeks until my fire sprinkler system is totally repaired and then I will have my report in hand…

I know Owners are so happy to have all this finally being done. It is long overdue! It is supposed to be done every five years and we are now here ten years… So a lot of repairs on the fire sprinkler systems are needed. I know that many of the fire sprinkler pressure gauges are defunct and Gary agreed.. But this is the first step, to do the inspection AND THEN THE REPAIRS WILL FOLLOW…



There’s Nothing Much New to Say…..

Nothing has changed here in the Meadow Park HOA…I am not seeing any changes. No minutes posted etc. Maybe they did not have a quorum to approve them at the last meeting? No one tells me anything… I get a lot of views on this blog from all over the world. It is amazing and surprising who is looking at this blog. But not one Owner is talking to me…

On a more positive note, I am looking forward to my fire sprinkler system inspection on Monday. I am happy that I can finally add this certification document to my other legally required Homeowner paperwork. It has been missing….

I will post what I receive from Exxell Fire Systems here on my blog. Hopefully, I get a receipt of some kind. I will show what I get.. I am very pleased that the HOA Board approved this inspection, even though it was not mandated for them to do it.. It was done because it needed to be done for our community’s safety…. And all Owners should see the value of this inspection and schedule their inspection appointment right away… It increases our home values and we will be looked at as an example for other communities in our area…

February is moving along well. I am feeling that more change is coming. It is slow progress, but in the right direction… It is not good though that communication remains so lacking within this HOA. And I tried to bridge that gap but was stopped. It is not really my responsibility to communicate anything. I was just trying to voice my concerns as a responsible Owner should and I was not being allowed to do this by the HOA….

Maybe there are some Owners out there who are a little more available to do somethings here. I do not interact with board members anymore. I tried that a few times and it was not successful… I am not looking to ever be a board member. I just want things done correctly and many things have not been done right since the beginning of this organization…Unbelievable but true!

Hurrah for the rain as we have our sprinklers turned off again on Captain Nurse Circle….


At the End of January 2015, We Do Not Have Minutes Posted For the November 2014 HOA Board Meeting!

Just making this very clear once again. The minutes have not been posted on the Meadow Park HOA’s website for the November 2014 Meadow Park HOA’s Board meeting.  Now, today is January 31, 2015…. Why is this still happening? What is going on with this HOA?… What is really going on?…How long is this sham going to last?

As a Meadow Park Homeowner, I am required to pay $223.00 every month to the HOA. This is a requirement. It is not optional here. You cannot choose whether or not you pay these fees (yet many Owners have chosen not to pay them). I have paid these fees regularly for almost 10 years and yet, I have no idea what was done at that November Board meeting. My money is spent without my knowledge all the time. I want to know what happened. We need to have better communication between the HOA management and the Meadow Park Homeowners!

I know that the HOA has been misspending my money because for many years it allowed ALL OF THE LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE to be done by Cagwin & Dorward and other landscape maintenance companies, when in fact, the homeowners are supposed to be doing some per CC&R 4.2.


I feel I am owed money from this HOA….And still I see no active following of our Vegetation Management and Fuel Modification Plan! Nothing was done here on Captain Nurse Circle. They completely ignored the Novato Fire Marshal’s orders…No site by site inspection for high fire hazard vegetation was done.. They lied when they told the Fire Inspectors that this was done!

January 2015 ends and as usual the HOA is defunct in its communication. This is what you still see when you sign into their website: A set of rules, but nothing there to let homeowners discuss anything.

Meadow Park Website Etiquette and Usage Guidelines

Meadow Park Website Etiquette and Usage Guidelines

The HOA website’s message board was removed long ago and never returned. That is why I call them a sham…There is no way for homeowners to interact except here on my blog. These guidelines above on the HOA’s website refer to a bulletin board etc, but none exists.. The HOA website is a sham…It looks like there is something there you can do, but there is nothing!!!

That is why I created my community blog. I welcome other homeowners to interact with me. I welcome comments…But so far no one has come forward. When I tried to promote my blog, I posted flyers on all of the mailboxes in the Meadow Park community and the HOA paid a man to take all of my flyers down. I witnessed that with my own eyes. It was heart wrenching! The HOA has tried to silence me many times. They have tried to get me involved in mediation procedures. I do not mediate with criminals…

I had to enlist the support of outside community leaders to get important safety concerns addressed. This is disgusting …Not one homeowner here is caring enough about these matters but me!…I love my home and all the good things that are happening now are because I want my home to be safe and secure… That is the only reason I am here doing this…

I guess the legal system will eventually rid me of this HOA mess… I guess I will be the one to make sure it happens. I am still the only Owner working on important safety matters and talking about the corrupt misspending of our money.  I am the only one seeing how our rules are not being followed and the enabling done by the HOA management all the time… Gross and disgusting! I will still communicate as much as I can here on my blog, but I will NEVER ATTEND A BOARD MEETING.

Those people who run this HOA were very rude and uncaring towards me. They are not good people….They harrassed and bullied me…I tried to work with them for a long time but it did no good… I stay away from people like that and blog about the reality in this HOA instead…The Novato Fire Marshal knows what is going on. I keep him posted. I am not a target anymore…